2nd Chances...



1. The First Day of School

Ashley's POV

93...94...95...96 so my looker was outside the principles office. Great. Last year, my locker was next to bathroom.

"Ashley!!! I've missed you so much!!!" I turned around to see my best friend, Hope, standing by my locker.

"Hey!" I said awkwardly.

"Your lockers's outside of the office? Ha! Hey did you hear about the new guys that came from Australia? They are super cute!!! And my locker is next to one of theirs! His name is Calum Hood!" Hope said.

"Cool!" I said even though I didn't really care. Hope drifted off and I went to my next class.

All my classes are super boring. Especially American history, 7th hour. This is the only class we have assigned seats in. I walked in and saw Hope. That made me happy. Mrs. Waters called off our names and where we sat.

"Hope, right there, Calum, right there," she said pointing to seats, "Ashley, right there in the back, Luke, right behind her,"

Yes. I was in the back. But who in the world was Luke? Was he one of the Australian dudes Hope was talking about?

Mrs. Waters finished placing everyone in their seats and began to explain rules. I could feel Luke breathing. He was getting closer. Then I heard these words, "Hey, I'm Luke,"

I hesitated. "Hi," I said still facing forward. It occurred to me that I never really saw his face, so I turned to look at him. He was extremely close. So close I thought he was going to kiss me. He didn't move. He stayed exactly where he was.

His blue eyes were fixed on mine. I broke the awkwardness by turning back around, only to see the class staring at me. "Huh?" I said confused, and the class laughed. "Please pay attention Ashley," Mrs. Waters said. She must have said my name before.

Wow. Way to embarrass myself in front of the class.

Mrs. Waters carried on and finally the last bell rang. I got up and walked to my locker. I met up with Hope and we went out to the parking lot. I saw Luke get in a small black car with tinted windows. Hope and I found my small silver car, we got in and I started it.

"What the hell was that about?" She asked confused. "What?" I said even more confused. "In seventh hour, you and Luke were like... Having a moment. Do you like him?" She asked. "Hope!! I've know him for around an hour! The only thing I said to him was hi!" I said kinda angrily. "Ok!" She said looking out the window.

I drove her home and then went home myself. I took a shower and ate something. I completely forgot about my parents. They might have said something to me, I blocked them out. I was lying in bed watching tv and slowly drifted off to bed. In my head I thought, well that just happened.

Luke's POV

I hate school. I hate this school. I know nobody. Well, except the boys: Calum, Ashton, and Michael. Everything was boring. But in seventh hour, this girl. Sits right in front of me. She's beautiful. I took a while before I decided to talk to her.

"Hey, I'm Luke," I said. My voice was shaking. Why was I nervous? She hesitated and then simply said "hi" she turned around and was so close. She's right there in front of me. I couldn't keep my eyes off hers. Move you retard! I couldn't.

She finally turned around. The class and I knew she was embarrassed. As soon as the bell rang I went to talk to her but she bolted out the door. Damn.

I rushed quickly to my car. I was just sitting there. I saw a small silver car pull in front of me. I looked closely and saw her in the drivers seat and another girl in the passengers seat.

I started to follow her home. As soon as she got to her neighbor hood I stopped following her. She lived in the same neighbor hood as me.

I quietly went to my room and thought of her all night. What Is wrong with me?

Hey guys!!! This is the first time I've done something like this so... I hope you liked it!!😜 Really sorry it's short😁 let me know what you think☺️ you can direct message me on Instagram, my account is ashleypaige_13_ Gonna try to update when I can so ya✌️

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