The Movellas Gift Exchange

A Movellas alternative to the popular game 'Secret Santa'.


1. How It Works

My explanations usually make zero to little sense, so please feel free to google 'Secret Santa' if you still don't understand.  


How to take part

To participate in 'The Movellas Gift Exchange', simply leave a comment below and I'll add you to the list. The closing date for joining is 1st December, provided we have an even number of participants.


How it works

Once the participants have been confirmed, I will randomly select people to exchange 'gifts'. Everyone will end up receiving a gift and sending one. I will then create a co-author (or Skype, kik) with each individual participant, notifying them of who they will be sending a gift to. Once they have created their gift, they will then send it back to me via the means mentioned above (and NOT publicly!) 


Dates and Deadlines

1st December: the final date for joining

20th December: the final date for sending gifts in to me.

25th December (UK GMT TIME): the day the gifts will be posted, and the names of the givers will be revealed.


What are 'Gifts'?

Of course we will not really be sending gifts to one another physically, but alternatives are accepted. Anything that will fit into a Movellas chapter (i.e. a single sided Christmas card) will work. As a guideline, you could do anything from sending the person a kind message, making them a virtual Christmas card to writing songs, stories and poems!



Here is an example. Let's call the user 'Bob'.

Bob: *sees this Movella. Leaves a comment saying he would like to participate*

Bob: *receives a co-author invitation from Chloe_123_x, entitled 'Your Gift-Exchange Movellian'*

Bob: *opens co-author, which says 'You will be sending a gift to [insert username here], please add it to a chapter in this Movella before the 20th of December!*

Bob: *creates a virtual, one sided Christmas card for [insert username here]*

Bob: *adds the virtual Christmas card to a chapter in the co-author*

Bob: *reads the Movella on Christmas day*

Bob: *finds the 2 chapters with his names: Fish1234 -> Bob

                                                                          Bob -> [insert username here]

Bob: *reads both chapters*

Bob: *smiles*

Bob: ....


The End.



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