Kidnapped for Power

One Direction are secretly from the planet Hyperlias but Zayn is the only one that knows that. These 5 boys are a part of a very big prophecy. The planet of Hyperlias is in great danger and it is up to these 5 boys to save it. But what happens when they get kidnapped by the group of people that are trying to destroy their planet. The world is in danger if their power is used for evil. Will they escape or will this be the end of life as we know it? find out in Kidnapped for Power. ( This is a Larry and Ziam fanfic)


1. One

Louis' POV

   Liam had called me about an hour ago saying that Zayn said he had a very important announcement to make. It was really windy but I could swear that I heard someone following me. My phone starts ringing and I instantly pick it up.

   "Hello" I said as I started to run away from the sound of footsteps behind me. I am really scared right now.

   "Hi Louis, it's Liam. Where are you? Zayn said that this is something that all of us need to hear" Liam said through the phone.

   "Liam, I'm on my way. I had to keep making turns so I could try to shake them" I said. I started to run faster because the footsteps sounded even closer.

   "Wait, what do you mean 'shake them'?" Liam asked. By this point, I was in a full on panic run.

   "Someone is following me. I don't know who it is bu..." I started but was cut off by something being placed over my nose and mouth. I instantly started to scream but it came out muffled. The last thing I heard before I blacked out was Liam calling my name through the phone.

Liam's POV

   This is really bad. Something bad just happened to Louis but I don't know exactly what it is. I called Louis to see what was taking him so long to get here and end up hearing the sound of muffled screams. As soon as the call got disconnected, I knew something bad happened. I told the others what I had heard on the phone and Harry instantly started to cry. By the look on Zayn's face I could tell that he was worried for two reasons. I knew one of the reasons was because of Louis' safety but I have no idea what else had him worried.

   "What are we going to do. Louis is in trouble and we are just sitting here on our ass doing nothing. We have to go and find him" Harry said, tears streaming down his cheeks.

   "Harry calm down. I just got off the phone with the police and they said they'll be here as fast as they can. Crying is not going to get Louis back so I need you to calm down" Niall said, lightly rubbing Harry's back. After about ten minutes, there was a knock on the door, indicating that the police have arrived.

   "Ok, I am going to need you to tell me exactly what you heard when you were on the phone" one of the officers said to me. I thought back to mine and Louis' phone call.

   "Ok, I had called Louis an hour before because Zayn said he had an announcement to make. After Louis didn't show up, I called him again. Louis told me that he was being followed but he didn't know by who. Before I could get anything else from him, I heard some struggling and muffled screams coming from the other end of the phone. After that, the line got disconnected" I explained, remembering everything that had happened while I was on the phone with Louis.

   "Thank you sir, we will look into your case as soon as possible" the officer said before him and his partner left. I looked at the others and instantly knew what they were thinking.

   "No guys. How are going to save Louis when we don't even know where he is?" I asked, looking at all of them. All of them, except for Zayn, looked at me and shrugged their shoulders. I looked at Zayn and noticed him walking over to a weird looking bag. 

Zayn's POV

   I can't believe they got Louis. This is so bad. While everyone was distracted, I quickly walked over to my emergency bag. I pulled out my small tracking remote. I grabbed a piece of Louis' shirt and quickly used my blue fire to burn a small hole in the fabric. After that, I placed the cloth on the tracking screen.

   "What is that" Liam's voice said from behind me. Shit. I didn't think anyone was paying attention to me. I can't tell him. Not yet at least.

   "N-N-Nothing" I stuttered, quickly hiding the remote behind my back.

   "Zayn, I saw it. Tell me what is going on" Liam ordered. I quickly grabbed Liam's arm and pulled him into my room.

   "This is a tracking remote" I said, showing him the device.

   "Ok, explain the fire I saw you light on your finger" Liam said. Shit, he saw that too. I can't tell him but I have to. There isn't any other explanation.

   "Ok, I'm not from this planet. I am from a planet called Hyperlias. I was sent here three years ago to find the one that held the flame of Dragus. The rest of you boys are also from the planet. The reason you don't know this is because you all were sent to earth when you were born. I was raised on the planet" I explained. Liam looked at me in confusion.

   "You expect me to believe that you are from a planet called Hyperlias and that the rest of us are from there also bu..." I cut him off by pressing my lips to his. I quickly pulled away, realizing what I did. I just kissed Liam. I didn't know what else to do. He was talking so much and he looked so hot I just had to. Now, Liam probably hates me.

   "Liam, I am so sorry. You probably hate me now" I said, looking down.

   "Don't apologize, just do that again" Liam said before connecting our lips again. I instantly melted into the kiss. The next thing I know is that I am laying on the bed with Liam on top of me.

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