You can't decide whether money changes things or not; it does. You can decide, however, whether it changes things for better or worse.


2. Two

The next morning, I'm sitting in music, dreading it. We don't even get to do this duet thing in class, we have to do it in our spare time, we just get today in class to try and get an idea of what we're going to do. I just don't want to have to talk to Alexander and arrange to go to his house or my house or something. It's all just very awkward. 

He saunters into class with all of his friends and I cringe, hovering in my seat. I bet I'm going to have to get up and talk to him and remind him that we're partners. To my surprise though, he spots me and walks over. I sit down, hoping he didn't see the whole awkward hovering moment. 

"Hey Kaya." he says, smiling and taking a seat beside me. I suppose he's always been nice, if not kind of patronising; when he speaks to us mere mortals that aren't popular people, he has this kind of distant look in his eyes. At least he's nice and tries to seem interested. "So wanna get started?"

"Yeah." I say, grabbing a piece of paper. "So, what are you thinking of doing?" 

"I was thinking piano stuff." he says. He goes on to explain this whole idea of doing it acoustic he has and I just sit there thinking about how strange this is. I'm sat here talking to Alexander Logans. I've sat there and talked to Alexander Logans before, I'm not in awe of him or anything, but Alexander Logans is not going to stay in my life forever. One day I'm going to look back on my school days and my year book and think 'wow remember Alexander Logans I forgot about him' and right now he is in front of me talking to me. Maybe I'm just getting nostalgic because it's senior year. And then it hits me. Alexander Logans is in front of me talking to me and I haven't listened to one word of it. 

"Sound good?" he says.

I stare at him for a moment, wide eyed and then nod, forcing a little laugh. "Yeah, sounds great."

"Cool. Do you wanna write that down then?" he grins, nodding at my paper and then looking around the classroom to talk to his friends"Yeah sure!" I agree, trying to keep my voice at a normal octave. 

Somehow I manage to wing it for the whole lesson until I understand that the plan is he's going to play on piano and I'll play guitar and we'll both sing. I think he wants to do a compilation of Oasis songs and I literally only know Wonderwall so I make a mental note to listen to more songs of theirs. 

"So when do you wanna start?" he asks at the end of the lesson. 

"I don't mind, whenever you're free." I tell him, shrugging. 

"Well you could come to mine after school today if you want. Meet me in the top parking lot and we can go straight there." he suggests. His friends come along start dragging him away like typical boys but Alexander shouts "You know which one my car is, right?"

"Yeah!" I call after him. No, I think to myself, that Lamborghini could belong to anybody. 


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