The new kid

Alexis and Luke is walking but you have to read to know more


1. chapter 1


let me introduce myself... My name is Alexis Givens and I am 16 years old and I go to Norwest Christan Highschool. I have long blonde hair with purple tips. Not a lot of boys like me and that's why I have low self esteem.

I walk down my stairs into the kitchen to find my mom, step sister, and brother sitting at the kitchen table.

"Hey guys what's up?" I say

"Nothing just waiting for dinner to be done" my sister says

"What are you cooking mom?" I asked

"Spaghetti" my mom said

"Oooooo my favorite" I said

After an hour I go upstairs into my room and text my friend Jordan. ( A: alexis J: Jordan)

A: hey girl

J: hey boo boo what's up

A: nothing just laying here texting you

J: hey did you hear about the new kid at school

A: no I didn't

J: well all I know is that there is a new kid at school

A: anyways can't wait to meet them

J: alright well I'm gonna go so bye boo boo

A: bye Jordan

I lay thinking about the new kid... Wandering if it's a guy and if he is cute. I finally go to sleep about 30 minutes later.

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