Who Will It Be

This is a story about a girl named Jade who lives a lonely life with her three overly protective older siblings and abusive parents.She isn't the coolest girl but she still has two rockin' besties.


1. Intro

Hi my name I s Jade.I am seventeen years old and I go to Stratford High in Stratford,Ontario.I have two older brothers and one older sister.Our parents are abusive drunks and are really mean to me more often than my siblings.I get bullied but my siblings, Doug,Taylor,and Brad, stick up for me.Doug and Brad are twins and Taylor and I look alike, but only a little bit.Tomorrow I have school,but I don't want to go because I just know Drew, Justin, Marci,and Brittany are going to bully me.Brittany and I used to be real good friends until we got to high school.I get beat by Justin and Drew all the time. Sometimes its kicking, sometimes its punching, and sometimes its just hateful words being said. Sometimes I wish I wasn't me.



Hi everyone this is my first story let me know what you think ten comments=two chapters.Thanks for reading bye.

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