Don't forget were you belong

Every one always said that the boys wouldn't make it far. Only when they did they told them selves that they wouldn't let the fame get to their heads. Sadly like all famous people it happened. With only one member left its up to Louis to remind the band of who they are. Will Louis make it or will he lose his friends and the band well trying?


1. You won't make it......

Niall's pov:

Today is the day I'm going to go on the X Factors today! I ran down stairs screaming "ITS TIME MOM ITS TIME!!!!!" I ran past my dad who gave me a look and said, "You'll never make it." He gave me a sassy look as I ran past him. All of a sudden I started to wonder if I was good enough for the X-Factors.

Louis's pov:

I couldn't wait to go on the X- Factor's tonight all my friends were supporting me every one but my girl friend. When I told her that today I was going to be on the show she gave me a look and laughed at my face. "You really think you have a chance on that show really Louis, Have you heard your self sing before? You sound should just give up that dumb dream and stay here with me." She said as she leaned in for a kiss from me.  I pulled away from her and said, "I'm a lot better now though I'm sure that I can make it on the show." She huffed and stormed away from me.

Liam's pov:

I new I was going on the X- Factors tonight but I was also really scared to go on. I heard that Simon was very scary in person. It made me wonder if I was ready and what if I forgot the words well I was singing or what if I screwed up the whole song. I was so scared to go on. Lucky for me I had a nice family that stopped me from backing out on my self and I'm so grateful for that.

Harry's pov:

I'm just some kid who works at a baker with big dream and now here I was going on the X- Factors and going against a bunch of other people who are dreamers just like me. Their was no telling if I would make it or not but one thing I was sure of was that no matter what happened to me my family would always love me. I just hope my grandparents would support me in my choice for ounce.

Zayn's pov:

I had one thought going through my head the whole day leading up to the X- Factors was "Let's do this." I wasn't saying that I knew for a face that I would win or make it to the finals but I was saying that I believed that I had a fighting chance.

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