Explaining Homosexuality As A Life And Not A Choice


1. One




 Loving another man as a man is a disgrace to the nation of God's people. 


 A lie


 Sleeping in the same bed with another woman as a woman is an act of the devil himself in the heart of a follower.


 A false statement


 Marriage between two of the same is forbidden in the eyes of the Holy One


 Poison in lips


 Loving a man as a man is a way of life.

 As I was born to my mother I am born to myself in a way that no one but myself can explain or act. 

 Sleeping with a woman as a woman is a path of growing.

 I am but myself and who are you to change the course?


 So what if a book filled with words of a man who died thousands of years ago says LOVE THY NEIGHBOR but then turns on the fire when a man confesses of his love to his brother, so what if they say no to this affection.

 If God is real he will accept me for who I have been and who I have come to be.


 I love who I wish to love.

 And if anyone says otherwise.


 It's not a CHOICE

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