Where is he?

A little family lives out in the woods, too far away from the rest of human life too leave the woods. The father lives in the city and sends home food and supplies but the supplies are getting sent further apart with less in the packages, when Sara's mother passes away she is left to find out what has happened to the supplies.


1. Prologe

 I take all the food out of the bag again and recount it, my face falling as I come up with the same number." There should be enough for 3 months if we are careful with it." I remember my mother saying, just a few weeks before she passed away. If she passed away of sickness, hunger or just no longer had the will to live I do not know, what I do know though is that she was only 45, she should of lived a longer happier life. She's been gone for about a month now and I've been as careful as I can with the food I have but it's running out and I have no connection to the outside world, no way to get more. Food is not the only problem, I'm running out of other things too. I'm waiting for my dad to send more but I'm worried, lately he's been sending fewer packages with less stuff and they've been coming further and further apart. I haven't even heard the helicopter that brings us packages for over 5 months! When dad left he told me and mother that if anything ever happened to him, he'd saved up enough money to keep sending us packages until he was back on his feet or... Mother had cut him off there saying nothing would ever happen to our family, I guess she jinxed us because here I am 14 years old living alone in the woods millions of miles away from any sort of civilization with hardly any food wondering what happened to my father.

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