A 14 year old girl, Carissa, also known as Chrissie, goes on an adventurous journey to save her sister, from her worst nightmares.


1. Prologue


               Prologue: Hi my name is Carissa Bradshaw I am 14, I have blond natural wavy hair, I have blue eyes, and

also very long black eyelashes just like my mother. I live in Sandy, Utah and I have a little sister named Reagan.

Reagan is eight years old, she has blond straight hair, green eyes, and freckles. Many people say we look a lot alike

but I really don't see anything similar. By the way Reagan can sometimes be a royal pain in the butt. Otherwise my life

is pretty good except we have to live with our aunt Ruby. She is really kind and sweet, but Ruby is practically our 

mother and she treats us like we are two years old. Ruby's husband, Jack is the owner of the whole entire Under

Armour company. They have all the money they want. Me and Reagan are so spoiled whatever we ask for, we get.

I was living an awesome teenage dream  until one day I discover the unknown when I get a call that my sister falls

into a deep coma and may never wake up. 

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