The One I Do Not Remember At All

This Poem is dedicated to my dead Grandpa Baxter who died in 2006. The story is going to be in letter form.


1. Dear Dead Grandpa Baxter

The One I Do Not Remember At All

Dear Dead Grandpa Baxter,

I hope you can see me as I am writing this.

I hope you know that even though I do not remember you

I feel like I have known you my whole life.

I hope you are at peace up in heaven.

I know that you are watching your whole entire family from heaven,

And I wish I could remember something that you did with me, but I can not.


Just so that you know, I have grown into a beautiful

Young lady who is kind to the elderly, and cries when one of

Her elderly friends dies, or anything that she loves dies.

I hope that one day I get to meet you up in heaven again.

I think you would have liked me a whole lot, Grandpa.

I hope you will be proud of your granddaughter who struggles with

Being autistic, and ADHD. I hope you would approve of all my crushes,

and I want you to know that you would have been an awesome grandpa to me.

I need to know how much you would have liked to meet me, Grandpa.


If only I had met you before you died.

I want you to know that you would have been the best Grandpa

Ever in the history of Grandpas. I need you to know that I

Would have been a great kid for you to have met. You

Are the one Grandpa I have yet to meet.

I want you to know that when I first started to

Do the draft for this poem I was crying, Grandpa.


Just Because I do not remember you, Grandpa does not mean I do not love you.

You are the one who inspired me to do this poem.

I want you to be the first one to read this poem, and the last one to read it, Grandpa.

You will always be my hero, Grandpa.

I hope you can help me understand why you could not be here anymore, Grandpa.


I have decided to do a whole project about you, Grandpa,

 So I hope you like it so far, Grandpa.

You are a cool Grandpa, even though I do not know you and you died

Before I could even meet you again, Grandpa.

You could have been my best Grandpa ever.

I hope you know that I love you so much.

I wish you are here right now, Grandpa.


I have heard that you were a pretty cool Grandpa.

This is going to be put in your old house wall, that Grandma Baxter still lives in.

I will also show this poem to your children.

I will love you till I die.

I will always love you, Grandpa.


Love your Granddaughter,


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