Healing Starlight

Fan Fiction from Strands of Starlight Series - (Gail Baudino) Takes place between 1st and second books of series. Help, Healing, Redemption, and 2nd chances from Renaissance Age to the Modern Age


4. Reference & Literary Notes


Literary Notes:

Story is based on Gail Baudino's Series Strands of Starlight, Maze of Moonlight, Shrouds of Shadow, Strands of Sunlight, and Spires of Spirit. This story is a fan fiction that takes place in 40 years between first and second book. The next story is taking place a year or more after the last book. It is dedicated to Miss Baudino and the Elves, because something in the story was able to touch me, and allow me a bit of healing too. It uses and features, three dialects of real elfish tomes, based on Tolken, Gray Company and Quenya Elvish.

This is a FICTIONAL, Fan Based story and it may or may not be accurate to the storyline. Amin hiraetha (I apologize to Ms. Baudino and the Elves, in advance)

Obituary for Mimi "Mouse" Stewart

Mimi (Maribeth) Stewart Born Christmas Day 1954, passed away Palm Sunday, April 5, 2009. A fighter all her life, Mimi came into the world 10 weeks early, spent her life in a wheelchair with quadriplegia cerebral palsy, and defied all odds by fighting colon cancer for almost four years. Always the pioneer, Mimi was one of the first students in the Palo Alto special education program designed for the physically challenged. Upon graduation from Palo Alto HS, was one of the first students in a prototype program for the physically challenged at De Anza Junior College, located in Cupertino.

Over the past 35 years, she was a fixture at De Anza while she earned her Liberal Arts Degree and many certificates. (Including Art History, Recreation, Painting, Photography), created and presided over the Disabled Student Unlimited Club (DSU), helped make the campus wheelchair friendly, and opened the eyes of many as to the incredible abilities of those that "appear" to be challenged.

For many years, she also worked for both the City of Palo Alto and Cupertino Recreation Departments as a Rec. Counselor for their programs for the physically and mentally challenged.

Her motto always was: Never judge a book by its cover.

Gifted with a photographic memory, Mimi never forgot a face, a name or a phone number. She met everyone with a twinkle in her eye, a smile on her face and an outreached hand. Her independent and outgoing personality will be missed by her many friends, teachers and family.

Mimi had moved to Santa Rosa five months ago to be closer to her mother, Heloise Stewart, who moved from Palo Alto to Santa Rosa in September 2008, and her sister Sue (Randy) Coleman. She is also survived by her nieces Shannon Coleman (Los Osos, CA) and Cristin Coleman (San Francisco). Her father, Howard (Hy) Stewart, preceded her in death in May 2005.

The family would like to thank Dr. Jim Ford and Dr. George Fisher and their staff (Stanford Oncology Center) for their unwavering faith that Mimi could survive her cancer. Dr. Helen Collins and her staff (Redwood Regional Medical Oncology Group) for their determination to find her next successful chemo, Dr. Mitchell Bailey, whose surgery kept her alive five days after she moved to Santa Rosa, and the Nursing Staff from the oncology wing of Memorial Hospital that supported her first and last trips to the hospital. We would also like to thank her wonderful family of caregivers, Jesse, Lena and their baby, "LJ", who surrounded her with love, laughter and prayers during her last 4 months.

(The rest was removed for the respect of the family’s privacy)

Rest in peace Dear Lady, You deserve it...

(FA N.A. Miller, USN Ret.)


Below are some phrases that were not translated in story.

(The Elvish phrase) = (English Translation.)

"Amin gorga mani amin besarcadu sii', i' winya yesta amin anta." = I fear what I embrace now, the new beginning I face

A', ikotane tanyaea mani Miryai ar' Terrilli eleea. = Ah, so that's what Mirya and Terrill saw.

"Amin ta ikotane a'mael,  =  I? It is so, beloved.  

Diola lle, Rijiini = Thank you Rijiin

Amin uuma merna a' entul eller. Eller na il- ai'nat' eller ten' amin sii'  = I will not want to return there. There is not anything there for me now.

Eller na il- ai'nat' eller ten' amin sii' = There is not anything there for me now.

A! I'- yeste elen. = Ah! the first star.

Ta I' alaseeien elen. = It/It is a radiant star.

Seasamin, A'mael = My pleasure Beloved.

Ta vanima = It/It is Beautiful.

Aye Natili, ta. = Yes Natili, it/it is.

Sai- saesaminien = Very pleasurable

Sai- saesu. = Very pleasant

Alanae ea yolisi Elthia! By our Lady Elthia!

Aye, Manea = Yes, To you also.

Lle creoso Natili. = You/You are welcome, Natil

Tanya naa amin quel edhel wen = That is my good elf maiden.

Tulien? = Coming

A! Quel, Diola lle, Tallai. = Ah! Good, Thank you Talla.

Ta yassen amin saesamin = It/It is my pleasure.

Ta yassen amin saesa. = "It is with my pleasure."

na- ie' seere, Rijiini, Lle naa a'maelamin = Be at Peace Rijiin, You are my beloved.

"Amin nyarea lle, Natili," = I told you Natil

 "Amin sint mani lle cael elea. Lle quenea noldo nar sanda." I know what you have seen. I spoke wisely and true.

Lye raa? = You are.

Manke, Rijiini?? = Where Rijiin?

Tula/Tulaien, A'mael = Come/Coming, Beloved.

Lema ed'templa = Portal (Spell)

Ede lye arwin! = By our Lady!

Rijiini?! Mani, naa lle' umien a'mael? = Rijiin! What are you doing beloved?

A'mael. = Beloved

Manke naa lye sii' Rijiin?  = Where are we now, Rijiin?

ta ikotane a'mael, =  It is so Beloved.

Amin arwen, sinome na' I' men a' manke lye ant aut-. = My lady, here is the path to where we need to go.

Tul-e Natili, Ta sina men = Come Natil, It/It is this way.

Tulunka, Natili = Steady Natil.

Ta ve' sina, ilya 'i coiasira. = It/It is like the time.

Rijiini, tir- iilea, astael. = Rijiin, watch your stars.

Amin fir neuma sinome = I/My/Mine sense a trap here.

Aye, Amin, fir-ta vithel.  = Yes, I/My/Mine sense it also

Eller re naa, a'mael. = There she is, Beloved.

A! = Ah!

"Ta yassen ilya amin sai- bragol thailon ar erya."  = It is with all my very strength and soul.

"Amin mela lle Natili ar il auta lle." = I love you Natil and not leave you.

Ikotane tanya naa mani nornhamae na. = So that is what wheelchairs be.

Iye Natilli, ta he nornhama = Yes Natil, It/It is her wheelchair.

Ile naa ikotane, n'ataya, a'mael? we/us/ours are so different, beloved.

Iye = Yes

"Ta il' deanam!" = It (is) not possible!

 "Amin uuma rangwa sina!" = I don't understand this."

Ta ilya forya, a'mael. = It/It is all right, beloved.

Seere a'mael. = Peace beloved.

Amin? Amin caela utue seere manke lle tul-a'... = I had to find peace, to come to.

Mani amin cael harya a'mani wanya naa ere'amin erin. = What I/My have left to come from departed and only I remain.

Lle Desiel? = You ready?

Amin' e Desiel. = I am ready.

Amin sandae mela lle, Natili = I truely love you Natil

Ilyamenea? Enyala sina vesta a'mael. = Always. Remember I this promise beloved.

Amin selya va' ranya hae. = I will never stray far.

N'uma Erma manke lye na lye selma tenn'oio na- alye'."  = . No matter where we go we will always be together

lle cael- ahya a're. = You have changed today

Sut um- lle tyav = How do you feel

Amin ie' seere, = I feel at peace,

Amin tyav quateya, ar va on-de ten'ai'nat e'i'palurin na sinome yassen lle = I am energized, and will not give it up for anything in the world to be here with you.

Amin gorga mani amin selya vela sii', i' yestien amin anta. = I fear what I will see now, the new beginning I face.

Amin ie' seere, amin tyav quateya, ar va on- ta de ten' ai' nat e' i' palurin, na sinome yassen lle. = Be at peace, I feel filled, and never give it up for anything in the world, to be here with you.

Lle cael mellone a' astya lle fallan- ar ten llea evinyatae lle sint. = You have friends to help you heal and for your renewal you know

Amin sinta a'mael = I know beloved.

"Aye Natili." = Yes Natil

Lle cael-il elea ai'nat' am, Natili. Feith, ner lirille yenya lye. = You have not beheld anything yet, Natili. Wait, more lies before us.

Iye? amin mela lle, Natili, sii, nae ten'oio? Lle ra' ikotane vanima nandaro. = Aye, I love you, Natil, now and always... You are beautiful Harper.

"A'mael, naa lle tanca ta de simomne?" - Beloved are you sure it is up here?

"Sina na aut-ien a' net sarda vee lye kam sina rosta." = This is going to get harder as we make this ascent."

"Ta il- fae Natili."  = "It is not far Natil."

"Amin mem- na salphadun a'mael." = "I want this to be a surprise beloved."

"Na ai' seere, eldalie naa sinta ai' auluva." = Be at peace, Elves are known to be inventive."

"Amin sintea mani lle cael elea-. Lle cael- quanta sii'" = I know what you have seen. You have full knowledge now.

Amin valin lle naa' sinome yassen amin, ale' ikotane an luume' ranaien. Sii ar' tenoio, A'mael."  I am happy you are here with me after a long time wandering. Now and forever, beloved.

"Amin melea lle il re, sii' naa ten'oio."  I love you every day, now and forever.

"Lle karn- bir kyermea- a' I' arwen Elthia." You make a prayer to the Lady Elthia."

"Diol lle a'mael, lye karnea- arn  lema seasuea."  Thank you beloved, you made my journey pleasurable."

Na ie' seere. = Be at peace.

Lle ar' creoso, Natili = You are welcome, Natil

"Manka lle merna, Carai, Tallai," He said, "Gorga il-? Amin cael- ilya desiel tanya, yamen' ar' luume' n'uma an-in kwarea amin. Amin rinien ere' rinea en' tanya yamen'." = If you want Cara, Talla.  Fear not? I have all ready, that place and time no longer holds me. I remember only memories of that place.

"Ay! Lema ed' templa!" Ah! Portal!

"Amin mela lle a', Rijiini." She replied, "Amin valin lle naa' sinome yassen amin, ale' ikotane an ranaien. Sii' ar' Ten'oio" = I love you too Rijiin. I am happy you are here after so long wandering. Now and forever.

"Lle lakwenien Rijiin? Sut alhalman lle quenea tanya yol sint-ien lle naa' ba?" = Are you joking Rijiin? How could he speak like that knowing you are dead?

"Aminea foya ar' sai  caidis, a'mael," = You are right and very wise, beloved.

"Na ie' seere, Amael. Utu- lleea elenea, uchman ron val pel- lle ar' utu- i'- silma quant- lle."  Be at peace, beloved. Find your stars, let their power encircle you and let the starlight fill you."

"Ed' i' arwen, amin mela lle, Natili." = "By the lady I love you Natil."

"Amin vesta na- ie' llea grauwus, sii' ar' ten'oio tenna' i' luume' en' i' edhelie telaea a'mael." =
"I promise to be at your side, now and forever until the time of the elves finishes beloved."

"Vee' amin mela lle ar'ea, arn nessima  heru." = "As I love you too, my youthful Lord."

"Sii' ar' ten'oio, a'maelamin" = "Now and forever, my beloved."

"Uuma ma' ten' rashwe." = Don't look for trouble.

"Ta luume' a' aut-" = It is time to go, Natil

Curtaman lle eller e' bir minya. " = See you there in a second.

"Antolle ulua sulrim" = Much wind pours from your mouth

Lle naa gujen dina, agaryulnaerien edan." = You are best to be silent, bloodsucking human.

"Kwarea on' a' llie aila grauwus, Natili." = Hold on to your back side Natil.

"Ta na bir an lema a'mael. Ta gujen lye asc'e manka lle saes, ri I' templa aa' ishitu." = It is a long journey beloved. It is best we make haste, if we please or the portal may close.

"Lle naa a'maelamin. Amin nagoti um- ai'nat a' = You are my beloved. I would do any thing to give you a hand

Dina, Ungai, Lle vanwa kolien usquentiri huan."." = Be Silent Unga, You over bearing smelly dog

"A', ikotane Tanya na' mani Miryai ar' Terrilli ele-ea." = Ah, so that is what Mirya and Terrill saw."

"Ile tanak- cael- jaraman ikotane  n'ataya  a'mael?" = You sure have become so different beloved.

"Sii' ar' ten'oio A'maelamin." = Now and forever my beloved.

Sinome, sina men, A'mael. Lle-cael aut' a' i' n'at sambe, imya tanya anon." = Here, this way, beloved. You have to go to the other room, through that door.

"Antolle ulua sulrim" = Much wind pours from your mouth.

"Lle anwaea aut dina, edan." = You really need to be silent, human.

"Ta luume' aut-, a'mael." = It is time to go, beloved.

 "Natea' naa sii' n'e en' cam. Lle auta yeste'." =  Things are now out of hand. You need to go first

"Tanya na ikotane, a'mael." = That is so beloved,

 "Na- ie' seere. Na- eller e' bir minya. " = Be at peace. Be there in a second

"Ta luume' a' aut- Natili." = It is time to go Natil.

Ta na bir an lema a'mael. Ta noldo lye asc'e manka lle saes, ri I' templa aa' quella." =
It I a long journey beloved. It is wise we make haste if you please, or the magic may fade.


'Diola lle ten' cor-ien amin a' sina yamen'. = Thank you for leading me to this place


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