Revenge and Hatred

After Bethany was put in jail, it took the boys nearly a year to get over all the trouble she put the through. Now, they are slowly getting over it. Zayn and Liam are just realizing that they may like each other a little more then friends.
What happens when Bethany comes back? With the help of 5 Seconds of Summer, the boys will do whatever they can to protect themselves and each other.


1. Kidnapped for Revenge

Bethany's POV

   I finally escaped that hellhole that those damn boys put me in. I am currently sitting in my house, thinking about how I can possibly destroy them. If those 5 Seconds of Summer boys wouldn't have got caught in all of this, One Direction would be dead and I would have been able to get on with my life.

   It's a good thing that I did in fact find out where they are living right now. I think I might go and pay them a visit.

   I grabbed my bag and put on my shoes. As soon as I got ready, I left my house and went straight to where I knew the boys were living. When I got to their house, I looked through one of the windows. The first person I saw was Zayn. I really want to kill him first because he is the reason I was put back in prison.

   I saw Zayn shout something and grab some car keys off the table. I hid in a nearby bush and watched Zayn leave the house.

   "Zayn, are you sure you don't want one of us to go with you. Bethany is free in the world again, she may try to hurt you" I heard Liam say.

   "Don't worry Liam, we all moved to this state for that reason. I don't think she will find us" Zayn said, turning and walking to the car again. He has no idea.

   Zayn got into his car and started to drive away. I quickly jumped into the first car I could and started following him. Good thing I know how to quickly hot-wire a car. I started to follow Zayn a little way behind him.

After about ten minutes, Zayn parked outside of Walmart. Before he could even go in the store, I stopped him. I gripped my bat and hit Zayn in the back of the head. Not hard enough to kill him but hard enough to knock him unconscious.

   I picked him up and put him in the backseat of his car, taking the keys from his pocket. I quickly drove straight to my house and dragged Zayn to my basement. I quickly handcuffed him to one of the support beams. After about an hour, Zayn finally started to wake up.

   "W-What happened? Why can't I move?" Zayn asked himself, looking around frantically. I stepped in front of him and smirked at the scared look on his face.

   "Did you miss me Zayn, because I sure as hell missed you" I said, gripping his chin to make him look at me.

   "L-Let me g-g-go" He stuttered like the stupid piece of shit he was. I grabbed my pocket knife and swung it at his face, leaving a bloody gash in the process. Zayn whimpered and put his head down in defeat.

   I am going to kill him slowly and painfully, just so I can get more fun out of his screams of pain.

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