Wishes For Emilie

Emilie Jones was just seven years old when she was diagnosed with potentially life threatening cancer. When Make-A-Wish Foundation grant Emilie one wish, she is overjoyed at the possibilities she has-but fate has other ideas...

***Runner up in the Co-Author Competition!!!***


1. Gillian Donaldson

It's so sweet, helping these kids day after day, week after week, month after month, their fight against the near impossible so inspiring to watch. One girl, Emilie Jones, is one of the most sweetest, strongest patients I have ever met in my time at St. Mary's hospital. It was about six months ago when Emilie was diagnosed with lung cancer, pointing out that she wasn't seven, she was seven and a half. At first, as they always do, Emilie did not understand the full consequence of the dreaded C- word, only that Mummy and Daddy did a lot of hugging and crying and shouting at each other, and that she was allowed her favourite orange flavoured lollipops after each and every tiring appointment-if Emilie felt strong enough, that is. 

    Emilie Jones is such a caring child, at first glance you wouldn't expect that there was anything wrong- until you see the unusual tiredness of her young face, the smooth, hairless head and knew the constant struggle that she had been going through. Truth is? Cancer hurts more of those around you than the cancer and chemo and radiotherapy can ever do to the affected patient. I have seen it for myself- the heartbreak of losing a loved after so long, or the heart wrenching joy of getting the all clear after the sudden bombshell of fright. 
    One of the uplifting things about working with children that have cancer is the Wishes. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely terrifying for them to have such a threatening disease, but when they learn that they can go wherever they would like to, get whatever they like, no matter what the cost. It could be all out crazy, like having a tea party at Disneyland with all your favourite characters, or something a simple as going on a helicopter ride. So when Make A Wish contacted us for Emilie, her face lighting up will bring a tear to my eye-especially because it's so rare that I see her with the means of my job. Little Em still calls me Nemo- the first time I met the poor girl, she thought my name was pronounced like the gills of a fish. Ever since, all the staff and her family have known me as Nemo. It is a good thing to have smiles and nicknames on the children's ward especially- it brings the idea that it is completely ok to have fun despite the pain and trauma. 

   Her parents- Jenni and Peter- are lovely people. They always have something nice to say, are always up for a chat. It's the good qualities you look for in the parents that help you understand that not everything in the world are the confined tortures of the ward. Emilie Jones. The sweetest little girl you could ever ask for. 

"Hey there, Em, how are you today? All good?" Emilie grinned.

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