Ronald Potter And The Gamorrean From Coruscant: Ronald Potter Year 2

Ronald's second year at the Jedi Temple. He finally survived his first year, leaving him to think his second year would be a breeze. He couldn't be more wrong. Ronald feels like he's drifting away from his friends, and it only makes matters worse when Ronald discovers he's not the extraordinary pilot he thought he was. When the school bullies take Ronald under their wing, he decides they aren't so bad...or are they? This year, Ronald will have to survive another encounter with Darth Vadermort, alien poetry tests, menacing robots, cyberbullies, more lightsaber battles, and worst of all, his apparently traitorous crush, Annabeth.


1. Summer Break

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

There was a boy named Ronald Potter who always wanted to be a pilot but ended up at the Jedi Temple. His first year started off horribly but ended up great. He had no doubt this year would be even better!

During the summer, Ammon was finally able to visit. With Mr. Potter at the wheel, they flew the Corellian Run together. During the trip, Mr. Potter showed both of them some tricks and let them help with the maintenance. Afterwards, Ammon returned to his homeworld, Obroa-Skai. Meanwhile, Ronald and Mr. Potter returned to Mos Espa. Regan and Jesse were together when Ronald and Timone approached them.

"Hey, Ronald, where have you been?" Jesse asked.

"I went on the Corellian Run with my friend Ammon from Jedi Temple," Ronald replied.

Jesse looked surprised. "You flew the Corellian Run?"

"Well...technically, my dad flew us..." Ronald replied.

"Really?" Jesse replied. "Regan and I flew that a few times on our ow last semester."

"Oh, well, I get to start pilot training at the Jedi Temple this year."

"Yeah, but aren't Jedi all peaceful and stuff?" Regan asked.

"I guess so--" Ronald began.

"Because we get to blow stuff up!" Regan finished.

"It's awesome," Jesse added.

"Hey, you got to blow stuff up at the Jedi Temple, remember?" Timone said.

"Huh?" Ronald replied.

"At the science fair," Timone went on. "You told me your project blew up..."

Ronald's face turned red as he dug it into his palm. "Oh," said Timone sheepishly.

"Hopefully you won't blow up whatever starship you fly, Ron," said Jesse.

Later, Ronald went home. Gregory was sitting at the kitchen table doing homework when he saw him arrive.

"Hey, Greg," said Ronald.

"Hey, what's up, little brother?" Gregory replied.

"I can't wait to go back to the Jedi Temple where people get me," said Ronald.

"What do they get you?" Gregory replied. "Presents?"

"No, where people understand me. They get me."

"Where they get you in trouble?"

Ronald sighed.

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