Her. (M.C. fanfic)

"Do you love her dad?" Alex asked. I sighed running my fingers through my hair. "I don't know yet."

HEY GUYS ITS KAT. I decided I really wanted to make a story like this. I have some amazing ideas for it so I hope you all love it!


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Michaels pov

"Wake up Alex!" I yelled running my fingers through my hair yawning. "Cmon! First day of middle school." I said walking over to his room. I opened his door to see a little blue headed twelve year old looking guilty. "What did you do to your hair?" I questioned chuckling. "I wanted to be like you dad." He said. He had blue hair dye smudged on his hands and arms. It's a good thing he didn't have to bleach since he has natural blonde hair like me. I walked over to him picking him up over my shoulder. He laughed as I ran out of his room screaming a battle cry. I ran through the hall of our little flat as he kicked laughing. I sat him down on top of the kitchen counter. He was still catching his breath from laughing, leaving little giggles here and there. I smiled. "What kinda cereal do you want?" I questioned. "I want bacon." He said as I chuckled. I looked over at him, "what if I told you we had no bacon." I said. He glared at me, "you would be lying because I went to the store with you yesterday." He said he smirked evilly. "You follow after me to much." I said walking over to the fridge. "Good. I want to be a rockstar in like three years to." He said. "Good math. And you can do whatever you want. By the way the neighbors stopped complaining about your drum playing." I said. I looked over to him as he pumped his fists in the air. "Does that mean Ashton is teaching me well?" He questioned. I chuckled and nodded. "Yes." I said. "Go get dressed! Food will be ready when your done!" I said as he hopped off the counter running towards the room. I heard a loud crash. "Alex? What was that? Are you ok?" I questioned cracking a few eggs into a pan. "Uh! I'm ok! I just kinda ran into a wall! But I'm going to get dressed!" He yelled back. I laughed. I was actually pretty worried though... Alex has never been in an actual public school and I know middle school can be the hardest of times. And his mom... Still I have no idea what happened to her. Three years ago everything was just perfect. And she just leaves. And then bam I'm stuck with Alex. Not that is a bad thing. Not at all. But these last three years he's been schooled on a tour bus or in a hotel room or recording studio. He has never had to be around kids his age. I've been a kinda terrible parent... "I SMELL BACON." Alex yelled walking in as I served to plates. I chuckled sitting down. "Yup." He looked so much like me. Especially right now. With his little blue hair, he had on black skinny jeans, and red high tops. I smiled noticing he was wearing a 5sos shirt. "When I'm sixteen I want a tattoo." He said shoving some eggs in his mouth. I chuckled. "What? You have like a ton and I have to be sixteen." He said. "Who told you that you can be that young?" I questioned eating some bacon. "Uncle cal." He said and I scoffed. Of course. The one covered in tattoos. "And I want that one like lip ring thing like uncle Luke. Or the eye brow thing you used to have." He said. "So you want to be the ultimate punk drummer." I asked and he nodded. I chuckled. "I'm going to get dressed. We have to be there early to meet your home room teacher since your new." I said. "Ok." He said. I walked over to my bedroom. I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair. I decided not to wear a band shirt to be a bit more professional. I threw on some skinny jeans, a grey v neck, and a blue and black flannel. I looked in the mirror realizing I still had a some what scruff beard thing....eh. I currently had dark brown hair with red... That's what a ton of people on Twitter said they wanted so I did it.... And Alex on the other hand, blue. Just vibrant neon blue. That will cause some hype. Why am I the one in the band with a 12 year old? God being 32 is weird. But hey Luke has a 10 year old girl aaaand a 7 years old girl. Ha. He's stuck with a ton of girls. Ashton has twins... Both boys. I think they are two? Ah shit they turn two in three days. And then Their is cal. He and his fiancé just have like seven dogs. "Dad! Cmon!" He said. I walked out. "Do you have your backpack?" I asked grabbing my keys, "mhm!" He replied as we walked out the door. "Lunch?" I asked as he nodded. "Ok um. Schedule?" I asked. He glared at me, "I get that when I'm there." He said. "Oh uh yeah. Right." We both scrambled to the car. He sat in the passenger and threw his bag to the back. "LETS LISTEN TO AMERICAN IDIOT." He said. He quickly putting in the cd. We drove down the street as he sang to the song at the top of his lungs! "THE SUBLIMINAL MIND FUCK AMERICA." He sang. "Hey don't swear your twelve!" He said. "Your turning into ash." He said. I turned down the music. "One question. Why don't you call ash, uncle ash like you call the rest of em?" I asked. He shrugged. "I guess since he started teaching me drums at like I don't know seven? I considered him more of a friend. Even he is like thirty something." He said. I was secretly voice recording it on my phone. Without him noticing I sent it to ash. "HEH DONT TEXT AND DRIVE." He screamed startling me. "Whoa! I think your more of a distraction!" I said. He chuckled. I drove into the school parking lot. I parked and got out. I walked over to his side and opened the door. "Hey you coming?" I questioned chuckling. He was looking straight forward at the school. "Can't I just not have an education?! Just keep drumming! Ashton is that smart! And he is like thirty!" He said. I shook my head and held out my hand. "Cmon. I want you to actually experience meeting kids your own age." I said. He sighed unbuckling himself and grabbing his stuff. He took a deep breath before we started walking towards the school.

"Ok here it is buddy. Room 303 so your home room. Until highschool you will be in this room." I said before we walked in. I noticed actually a few parents in the room, most of them moms. I walked in with my hand on Alex's shoulder. The room was filled with moms and dads and students. The teacher was sitting at her desk. "Dad I don't want to do this." He said. "Cmon lets just meet your teacher." I said. We both walked over. "Hey! I'm Michael, Alex's dad." I said and she looked up. Her eyes widened. "Oh my god." She mumbled. "What?" Alex questioned. "Um hi! Uh I'm like a huge fan of yours actually... I thought I recognized the name Alex James Clifford." I watched as Alex cringed at his middle name. "Ah that's awesome. And this is alex." I said messing up his hair with my fingers. She looked at him and then back at me, "you two look extremely similar." She said. I chuckled. "Well it was awesome meeting you. But I have to get going. Alex be good ok? And could I talk to you really quickly?" I asked the teacher. "Yeah of course!" She said standing up. We walked over to a corner. "This is the first time alex has ever been in a public school... Or at least around kids his age. He is usually used to being able to get away with crap so I could I ask to make sure he behaves?" I questioned and she nodded. "Of course! I could have Jessie or Kyle show him around. Or both so he can start making some friends." She said. "That would be perfect." I said.

Brooklyns POV

"Thankyou so much. I swear I will get you all payed next week. Brad hasnt payed me in months." I told Jessica handing over Aubrey. I am so fucking late with the payments for this daycare. Brad decided to stop sending child support. Who the hell thinks that a single mom of two year old can pay for a baby and a flat. Shit I'm late on my rent payment. "It's no problem brook. I know your struggling. Did you remember to pay your phone bills?" She asked holding Aubrey. My eyes widened. "Shit. I gotta go do that. And yell at brad." I said. "Bye sweety." I said kissing Aubreys head. I quickly thanked Jess and ran out the door. I lifted my coffee to take a sip when someone bumped into me causing all of my hot coffee to spill all over my shirt and jeans. "Oh my fuck." I sighed. "Oh my god I'm so sorry! I swear I didn't mean-" the man said. "It's fine." I said. "Here please. Let me grab some napkins. Uh there is some in this cafe. Please." He said. I looked up to see a panicked man. He had red and brown hair which surprisingly matches his blue flannel. "Fine." I sighed. I followed as we walked in.

Michaels POV

I'm officially an ass. "Im seriously sorry." I said. "Um is it ok if I borrow a towel? I spilled coffee on someone." I said to Ryan. This is the coffee shop I always get coffee from. "Good job Michael." He groaned handing me a towel. "Thank you dude." I said grabbing it. I quickly walked over to the girl handing her the towel. "Thanks." She said. "Listen, I'm extremely sorry. I was trying to get to a studio after I dropped my kid off." I said, "and you probably don't care. It's just kinda the one thing you talk about as a parent." I said. She chuckled, "trust me, I get it. I just dropped off mine at daycare. Since I'm having to clean coffee off of me. Im talking to you. So hopefully your not in a hurry." She said. "Nope. Not at all." I said. "Ok. How old is your kid?" She asked. I smiled, "his name is Alex. He just turned twelve. So going into sixth grade. It's his first time ever going to public school." I said. "Was he home schooled?" She asked. "Sorta. He was tour schooled." I said. "Ah so your a wannabe rocker." She questioned. "Nope. Actually lead guitarist in 5sos." I said. "Wow. One of my friends is obsessed with you. Especially through high school. She claimed her last name would some day be Clifford." She said. "What about your kid?" I asked. "Well her name is Aubrey and she is about to turn two." She said. "Ah the younger ones are hard to deal with." I said. "Yeah especially with no money and alone." She said. "Hey do you two want some coffee or something?" Ryan asked walking up to us. "Uh yeah just black coffee. And I insist on buying a new coffee for you." I said. I realized I didn't know her name... Well I'll find it out. "Um just the same. Black coffee." She said. "Awesome. I'll get you guys that. And for here right?" He questioned. We looked at each other and shrugged. "Yeah." She answered. For the next like two hours we just sat and talked. I found out her name was Brooklyn. She used to be married to this dude named brad who is apparently a total dick. And we talked about my problems. My phone started ringing, it was cal. "I should probably answer this." I said. "Ok."

Michael- yup?

Cal- dude where's the fuck are you we are planning tour dates in five minutes!

Michael- shit I totally forgot!

Cal- yeah and you missed song writing. What the hell are you doing?!

Michael- I just got distracted I'll be there in a few minutes.

Cal- hurry your ass up. You have to pick up Alex in a few hours.

I hung up the phone. "I'm really sorry I have to go." I said. "Ah that sucks. You know it was really nice to meet you." She said. I smiled. "It was wonderful to meet you Michael." She said. "Is it to early to ask for your phone number?" I asked. She chuckled. She handed me her phone with the option for a new contact. I quickly wrote in mine taking a picture of myself. I texted myself

Brook- buttface

"Ok I have your number now." I said smiling. "Awesome! Bye Michael!" She said. I waved before walking out the door.

*with the boys*

"Where the fuck were you Michael?" Luke questioned right as I walked through the door. I hung up my coat. "I was busy." I said. "With what!?" Cal yelled. "Calm the fuck down guys!" I said. "Stop swearing!" Ashton yelled at all three of us. "Not until Michael tells us why the fuck he thinks he can just miss song writing and almost skip this meeting!" Luke said. They all stared at me. "Ok I met someone! I haven't just sat down and talked to someone in fucking two or three years since she left! I'm sorry ok. So you two can shut the fuck up." I said. "Can we just get to the god damn tour dates that forces me to leave the most important person in my life." I said. "Why are you so moody? And I'm sorry they over reacted." Ash said. "We didn't over reac-" cal started saying, "shut up cal." Ash interrupted. "I'm just worried about Alex." I said. I truely am. I don't know how his day is going. I don't want him getting bullied or anything. "It's fine. I mean I'll probably freak when my kids go, Luke did when his wife put his kids in to public school." Ash said. "Ha that's why I have dogs." Cal said. "Shut up cal."

"How was school buddy?" I questioned as Alex came and sat. He slugged into his chair. "It sucked. And Kyle sucks. And Jessie sucks. They all made fun of me. I don't want blue hair. I don't want to wear stupid skinny jeans. They said I look like a girl." He said. I frowned. "Alex, screw what people think. They are just all asses." I said. "No dad. They all hate me. I hate that school. Why do I even have to go." He said I looked over at him and he was at the brink of tears. "Is there anything I can do to help?" I asked. "Just take me out of school." He said. I sighed. "You know I can't do that..." I said. He let a tear fall, "do I have lessons with ash today?" He asked stuttering. "Yes of course. You have them every week day." I said. He sighed. "What do you want for dinner tonight? I'll do anything." I said. I knew this would happen. Fuck. "I don't care. Anyways. How was your day?" He asked. "Nothing much. I had coffee with someone and then the boys and I did some planning for tours and albums." I said. He glared at me with his puffy eyes. "First off who did you have coffee with? Second why a tour I thought you said there wouldn't be those this year." He said. "Alex I can't just not go on tour I'm part of the band." I said. "Well I'm your son and it seems to me it would be more important to you than a stupid road trip." He said. I almost started crying knowing he was right. "Nothing is more important to me than you." I said. "What about mom. You always said she was extremely important and we haven't seen her in years." He said. "Your mom left us Alex! She meant the world to me! You and her were the only thing that made me happy! She just left! And I couldn't stop her!" I yelled. Alex was quiet. We drove into the driveway. "I'm sorry Alex I didn't mean to yell-" I was cut off by him slamming his car door and walking towards the flat. I layed my head in my arms on the steering wheel. I heard our door slam as he walked in. I sat up and punched the steering wheel. I hate when I yell. I rarely do. But he gets so upset when I do. I opened my door and walked to the door. I walked into the living room sitting on the couch. I sighed running my fingers through my hair. "Alex! Ash will be here in a few minutes!" I shouted so he could here. "I don't care! I don't even want to do drums!" He yelled back. I stood up and walked to his room. "Do you want me to cancel with ash today?" I asked him. He nodded with tears in his eyes. I quickly texted ash. "Why don't we go do something. The two of us." I said. "Isn't that fair thing still open that you wanted to go to?" I asked. He nodded. "Im sorry for bringing up mom." He said quietly. "No no no don't apologize..." I said walking over to him sitting next to him. I wrapped my arms around him pulling him closer. He started crying a little. "No no no shhhh." I said kissing his head. "I miss her dad. When is she coming back." He said in between cries. I bit my lip with my eyes watering. "I don't know Alex... I don't know." I said. We sat hugging for a few minutes. "How bout that fair now?" I asked. He nodded and I helped him up. "Could we maybe re dye my hair tonight?" He asked as we sat in the car. "I mean, if you want, but just know that your fucking awesome dad loves you with blue hair or without." I said. "Maybe like black with blue." He said. "Sounds awesome." I said and he smiled. "You know... I know a friend who has a kid in your grade. I think he goes to the same school." I said. "What's their name?" He asked. "I think it's Brayden." I said. "Oh yeah... He sat at the other end of the completely empty table. He has like red hair or something. Like you used to." He said. "He's actually pretty similar to you. He doesn't have much friends. You should try talking to him." I said. He shrugged.

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