The Bat Man

A happy night cut short in bloody and tragic circumstances.

The lone survivor will use his sense of loss, anger and grief as the fuel to transform himself into a crime fighter.

Someone has to step up and become the hero, the city needs and take on evil in all forms if he wants to clean up Gotham City.


1. Memories

He stood at the mouth of the alleyway that previously had no name it was just an unremarkable passage from Kane street through to Morrison Avenue where the shops restaurants and of course the theater the three of them had just come out of were located.


After a movie triple bill made it late when they were exiting into the now infamous passage from the side door of the theater as many did thinking nothing of it.


As did the majority of the crowds of restaurant goers would leave its side door into that passage opposite the theater.


Even in darkest night as his mother was the first to spot the broken street light, still none of them sensed danger.


He was as reluctant to enter this time as he was last year on the anniversary.


He knew he would enter, he always did. He also knew this time could be special as it might potentially be the last time for a while he would be in the city to visit it.


It might be his last ever visit if the trip doesn't go well, the places and people he planned to visit where certainly dangerous enough that he knew he risked death.


Bruce just knew it would be worth it if he got what he wanted, if the people he intended to see agreed to train him.


These thoughts are a distraction; he knew he had to enter, even though he knew he would feel the same thoughts; be burdened by the same painful memories he had every time he came to this spot.


The alley as always was cold and silent having been abandoned for a while now. After tourism and visitation to the area dried up, the shops restaurants and the theatre one by one closed down.


The surrounding area suffered where once the wealthiest Gothamites freely mixed with the working class people who lived nearby, after the deaths of Doctor Thomas Wayne and his beautiful wife Martha one of the board of directors at Wayne Enterprises.


The rich stopped coming and the community Martha grew up in with her brother and their parents the Kane's fell to a bad element the people lost jobs, the area lost valuable income and as crime began to get a bigger and bigger foothold any who could got jobs elsewhere and moved away did so.


For those who still lived in East Gotham; some would say trapped there by circumstances; things grew worse with each passing day until every one of those remaining residents had been touched by crime in some way.


After a time even the local Police Department stopped patrolling and gossip suggested some cops were on the payroll of some of those criminal gangs.


Rumor has it one of them now uses the old theater as a meeting place and storage facility for stolen gear. The leader of that gang conducting his business in the restaurant across from it.


As he took his first steps inside the alley less than a block away from the restaurant where Martha and Thomas had their first real date and the place where he proposed to her, having bought the place out that night.


Otherwise he could imagine the sight of a wealthy white man and not just any wealthy white man, Thomas Wayne, heir to one of the richest families not only in Gotham, the entire United States asking a young black woman to marry him would have drawn plenty of stares from the usual so-called high-class patrons.


A memory which at least brought a temporary smile to his face.


A relief from the images usually running through his mind whenever he came anywhere near the place these days more commonly known to the residents of Gotham City as Crime Alley.

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