FAME h.s.

Adeline Frasier decided to move to London to get away from the pressures of high society New York as well as see what her brother has been up too. But little did she know that he was touring with a famous boy band as part of their crew. She meets up with him after the band decided to take a hiatus along with his roommate and two boys from the band.


1. one


      I'm going to tell you a tale about a young man who was loved by millions. Followed by paparazzi, trying to get any information about his life, waiting for him to make a mistake, documenting it all but there are always two side to every story. The one that I'm going to tell you is the one that the public doesn't know, the one management tried to cover up. This is the tale of Harry Styles.


Chapter One


     Everyone knows the name Harry Styles, it is situated with pop music, crying teenage girls and long curly hair. The name averaging about a $23 million dollar net worth.  However, the story I'm about to tell you has to do with romance, heartbreak and letting go. It all starts off with a one-year hiatus and a concerned sister moving to London to be with her brother.

     "Carson! I'm here!" I threw my bags on the floor pissed that he didn't pick me up from the airport. I was forced to figure out where the taxi cabs were while looking like a fool spending an hour digging up my brothers address. My first impression of London wasn't very appealing. "Carson where the hell are you?!" I yelled multiple times, finally deciding that he was no where in my proximity.

      I looked around his apartment which wasn't very impressive compared to my modern 2-story, 4 bedroom, 3 bath apartment with a game room and dining room, located in uptown New York. My parents come from old and new money, making us very well off. So we were very surprised when Carson ditched us about 2 years ago to go live with his college room mate in London, taking just enough money for an airplane ticket. We use to talk frequently when he first moved, but then he went off the radar for about a year and that's when i finally decided to come out here and check it out. Plus i was sick of being around older adults all the time; I needed my brother. 

     I walked around his apartment and noticed that it was spotless which was very unusual for him. The beds look like they have been untouched for months and a layer of dust covered the tables and counter tops; Its as if no one lives here. I went to go check the refrigerator when someone busted through the front door.  "Addie! Are you here?!" he looked distressed but when he saw me he had a huge sigh of relief. "Addie, you scared the living shit out of me" he picked me up inro a hug.

    "What do you mean? You're the one who wasn't there to pick me up and never answered any of my calls"

   "Its not like it was my choice not to be there, our airplane had to take an alternate route due to a storm adding on a 3 hour delay. Trust me I would've called you if i was not stuck on an airplane" He sighed plopping down on the couch with me.

   "Why were you on a plane? and who were you with?" as soon as i said that another boy came through the door.

    "Thanks for leaving me with all the baggage Carson" he threw all the bags beside the door, "oh why goodness gracious is there another Frasier in this room?!"

    "Hey Luke" i went to get up to give him a hug but he shoves me down on the couch and sits on my lap, "What the hell?" i chuckle.

   "Its gonna be so nice having a woman taking care of us. I was kinda sick of it being all us guys on the road"

    I stared at both of them then ended up staring suspiciously at my brother, "Carson. Where have ya'll been?"

   Luke's head whips around and looks at Carson, "You haven't told her yet!"  

  "I was waiting for her to get here because i felt like she wouldn't have come out here if i told her or even worse, she would've told our parents" He responded totally ignoring me.

   "Hello... I'm still right here even though I'm under this fat ass" 

   Luke starts laughing, "Hey your the last one to be talking about fat asses! But i'm going to let that slide because you are in for a big surprise." He turns to Carson, "You better hurry up and tell her because the boys are going to be over here after they are done settling in. Which might be pretty quick because the Manchester United game is on"

    "Okay, Addie lets go into my room" He waves me over but i cant get up because Luke is still on me.

    Luke gives me a hug and a peck on the cheek saying, "I'm glad your here with us, i knew you would come eventually. I missed you" Luke has always been like a second big brother to me but my parents never liked him. Especially now that he tore their son away from their grasps and now me. Before Carson left he got in a huge fight with mom and dad, all I remember hearing Luke and I's name come up a couple times. No one would tell me what is was about and said that i should just forget about it. But within a week Carson had his bags packed and was saying goodbye.

     I followed him into the farthest bedroom out of the two and sat down on the bed. "So i guess you aren't a Tax Consultant huh?" i asked questioningly. At that moment i heard hoots and hollering coming from the main room, chanting Manchester.

    Carson ignored it and looked at me "No... I'm gonna tell you about my past 2 years but you cant freak out about some parts okay because i know that you are really gonna want to, You have to act cool."

     I gave him a weird look because i'm usually a very reserved person, why would i freak out, "Okay."

     He sighed, "First off i came to London with the mindset of remaining a Tax Consultant, trust me. But, You know that I've always been into music and when Luke told me that he was working for a band management company called Modest and that he can get me a job, i couldn't turn that down."

    "That isn't bad at all, why wouldn't you tell me that?"

   "Because the first 2 months were horrible, i was basically their bitch, running errands for them. I ashamed of telling you at first and i also didn't want you to tell mom and dad that i wasn't using my Columbia business degree but then it got better. I met this band called..."

    I cut him off, "I wouldn't have told them if you told me not too."

   "I mean..." Carson trailed off.

   "You think i would go behind your back and tell mom and dad about something that you obviously didn't want them knowing. Do you think i wouldn't have understood?" I was starting to get frustrated.

    "Well i knew that mom and dad would eventually start telling you lies about things and i knew that they were putting you on a lot of medication..."

    "Shut up! Don't even bring that up. Do you seriously think that i would listen to everything and they told me to do? I'm not that complacent with my life Carson, You know that! I hate being part of the New York elite! I hate wearing dresses, listening to classical music and talking properly all the damn time! I've told you all of this millions of times before!" 

    "Addie. I know that but after each letter you were becoming more and more vague with me and you seemed distant. I didn't know if mom finally got to you?!"

    "Finally?! What the hell!? Mom would never get to me, i thought you knew me better! and the reasons why i was distant because i was mad at you!"

    "Why in the world would you be mad at me?!"

     We were both screaming know and i think i heard the talking stop in the other room. but i had to finish. "BECAUSE YOU LEFT ME! You never asked me if i wanted to get away too, you didn't think twice about leaving me, you never asked if i was okay with that. I had to live with Mom and Dad for two years with out you. I never got a break from their snobbishness. I hated that you left me behind!"

     He was speechless. I didn't want to talk to him anymore and plus i needed my pills but i didn't want to tell him that because then he would realize that some of the things he said were true. I stormed out of the bedroom and saw three heads watching the TV. I grabbed my purse and walked out as quickly as possible because i didn't want Carson to find me for awhile. I needed some time to myself.


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