Goals, Gifts and Goodbyes

"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves."


1. My Goals


At this point of the year, especially considering the fact that I'm in my final year at high school, I have come to an important crossroads in my life, where I must begin preparing my future and build my own path into the working world- something that does seem a little frightening but also quite exhilarating too; I’ll be able to finally abandon the aspects of schooling lifestyle that have become tedious after five years, and start working in the areas that I enjoy most and know I would like to continue after my education lifestyle.

For instance, even know the details are not finalised yet, I know my passion is found in writing- whether that is exploring my imagination to create my own fiction for others to appreciate, or analysing the hidden intentions and symbolism of my favourite novels; I know my future will consist of scribing my thoughts and feelings in some kind of format- the specifics I am hoping to discover as I journey through college and hopefully university. This is certainly my goal for the future- to someday write for myself and for the appreciation of others.
Nevertheless, a part of my ambitious mind-set still lingers on the present (which will soon become my past), as I know the transition from high school to college will be sudden yet hard-hitting. I’ll have to leave the environment I have flourished in to take that important step into my future.


Will I be able to find the courage to leave the comfortability of what I know, to strive for my personal goals? 

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