Hand me your heart

Hand me a heart • Poem • Romance


1. Hand Me Your Heart

"Hand me a diamond ring,
rimmed with gold."
"Okay," he said, 
"I'll do as I'm told."

"Hand me your hand,
your hand in marriage."
"I do," he agreed,
"I will not disparage."

"Hand me a maid,
the fairest of them all."
"Yes," he replied, 
"I answer to your call."

"Hand me a new one,
this one barely makes a sound."
"But why?" he bargained,
"For she is the best maid around."

"Hand me a gun,
she's becoming such a pest."
"Of course," he moped,
"I shall fulfil your request."

"Hand me your heart,
I fear you're becoming distant."
With sad eyes, he told her,
"Your commands are too persistent."

"Hand me your heart!
Are you a fool to disobey?"
"I'm afraid so," he apologised,
"For that I cannot do today."

"Hand me your heart,
or you will pay will your life."
"Very well," he sighed,
"Here is your knife."

"Hand me your heart!
How much ignorance can one bear?"
"I gave it away," he admitted,
"But you took her life from her."

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