Emma will be revealed to the world's most darkest creatures by her accidental fate. Throughout her journey into life's mysteries, she realizes there's a whole other dark twisted world filled with dark twisted people.. (Includes few characters from TVD)


1. One

My whole body was frozen and I couldn't run anymore. I kept trying but I just couldn't control myself. There were chills all over my body when I realized.. it was over. He was here.

"Em wake up, we're late!" I heard as someone was shaking me vigorously.
"Oh what the hell, leave me alone." I replied, opening my eyes and seeing my brother Eli's face.
What a nice way to wake up in the morning, note the sarcasm.
"Don't you wanna see Stefan Salvatore and drool about his bed hair or something?" Eli teased, running out my room.
Ugh he was right, I was madly smitten by Stefan Salvatore since I first saw him. I remember the moment so clearly, it was my Sophomore year and his Junior year. Anyways, I could never get him because I hooked up with his brother Damon at a party and ever since, Damon's been trying to get with me. Damon's attractive, but he's too pushy and rude and obnoxious for me.


Somehow I had managed to stop daydreaming about Stefan and actually got to my first period class in time: Chemistry, in which I was stuck with Damon.
"Hey Em, how've you been?" Damon said smirking, as I took my seat behind him since my last name started with a T.
"Damon, I see you everyday you creep." I replied, rolling my eyes. I hated his smirk.
"Shut up, I'm throwing a party and I want you to come." he demanded, turning around towards me.
"What makes you think I want to come?" I asked, annoyed by his forwardness.
"Because it's Friday and everyone's coming so you'd be home alone by yourself. But if you wanna be alone, nobody's stopping you." he said turning back to face the teacher. 
"Ugh fine." I whispered, waiting for the class to start.


It was lunch now, which meant I finally got to see Stefan. Him and I were friends but very casual friends. I made my way towards our group of friends: Caroline, Matt who was dating Caroline, Tyler who was my ex but also my best friend, Tammy who was best friends and completely in love with Damon and lastly, Stefan. 
"Hey Em, please tell me you're coming!" my best blonde girly friend, Caroline yelled as soon as she saw me.
"Of course, but Damon didn't give me any specific details though." I said, eyeing Stefan hoping he'd notice me.
"Typical. It's at 8, our place." Stefan said, smiling at me. "I have to go find him though, but I'll see you guys tonight." he added.
He got up from his seat to leave. Ugh it was so frustrating! I had just this one period with him and he barely showed up.
"By the way Emma, you should wear a dress." Stefan whispered before heading out the Cafeteria.
I couldn't help but blush.
"Oh my god, Stefan was totally hitting on you. You guys would be so cute." Caroline said.
"Shut up! Are we all going together guys?" I asked the table.
"Yea I'll drive." Matt said, since he didn't drink much and was always the designated driver.
"Alright, so my place at 7:50? Since I live the closest to the Salvatores." I stated.
"Sure, sounds good." Matt added.

Everyone was talking and socializing but I couldn't help but wonder about Stefan. I'm so pathetic. 


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