Silent Tease | Jeon Jungkook

His gaze torments me...tortures me...I love him....I hate him... I'm scared...and terrified....I love him, but hate the idea of getting hurt...

{inspired by a small imagine by av1united}


1. Escaping

Tokyo, Japan

June 1, 2016


~Kim Areum's Pov~

*Phone ringing*

"Hello?" I said into the phone

"AREUM! I MISS U!" Taehyung screamed making me cringe.

"I miss you too oppa!" I said, laughing.

"How is Japan?" he asked

"It's good! It's fun!" I said

" Funner than home? Funner than me?" he said, disappointed.

" Of course not oppa! I still love you!" I said.

"Speaking of home.....why'd you leave?" A lump formed in my throat as I remembered the whole reason I'm here in Tokyo.

"I just wanted a vacation, that's all...." I lied

"Not very convincing....did u leave to avoid someone?" he asked, suspiciously.

The reason I left Korea, was to get away from Jungkook. Yes, I left home just to avoid a guy who creeps me out. You don't know how stressful it is to know someone is always watching you.

"No, of course not! I just needed a break from school and work!" I said, trying to sound convincing.

"Okay, I believe you,"I sighed in relief," When are you coming back?" he asked

" Tomorrow, at 3:30." 

"Cool, the guys and I will pick you up, is that okay?" 

OF COURSE IT'S NOT OKAY! I wanted to scream.

" Yeah....sure...see you then!"

"Okay! Love ya!" 

"Bye oppa! Love you too!"I said, ending the call.

I sighed as I tossed my phone on my bed. Back to being silently tortured by Jungkook.....back to the horrible stress!

I thought to myself. I fell asleep, hoping that my absence had at least changed Jungkook.


Nothing had changed Jungkook. Nothing. His gaze just got deeper. Deeper than ever before. Tae oppa picked me up, and as he said, he brang the other boys with him. Which obviously included Jungkook. I really regret coming back but I missed Tae oppa. On the bright side, Bangtan has a concert tonight so I'll distract myself by getting ready for it!


"BTS!BTS!BTS!" the crowd cheered, as the boys took their last bow on stage. I rushed back stage just in time to see Taehyung oppa emerge out from the stage. I ran into his arms, congratulating him over and over again. Once the other boys started filing in, I gave them a hug, also congratulating them. After hugging Jin oppa, Jungkook emerged out from the stage. There he stood, drenched in sweat making his thin, white t-shirt see through. His eyes landed on me giving me a deep stare. I stood frozen for a minute, until I finally snapped out of my trance. I followed the other boys, who were heading towards their dressing room, in hopes of losing Jungkook. 

" Areum, can you please get us some water?" Tae oppa asked as he collapsed on the couch.

"Sure! Where do I find them?" 

" If you take a right, three rooms from our dressing room, you'll find them. " he said


"Thank you!" he said as I walked out the room.

I walked inside the room to find a kitchen, with bottles of water on the table. Silly oppa, he could've told me to go to the kitchen and I would've found it. I thought to myself, shaking my head slightly and smiling. I grabbed seven water bottles and turned around to leave, but someone was blocking the door. Jeon Jungkook. He was still drenched in sweat and still giving me the same deep gaze. I stepped forward to go through the small space between Jungkook and the door, but he stepped in front of me again. I sighed and shook my head.

"What do you want?" I asked, annoyed.

He didn't reply and continued staring at me. Suddenly he stepped forward and gently took the seven water bottles out of my arms. He set them on the floor and turned back to me.

" You gave all the hyung's a hug, but how come I didn't get one?" he asked, his voice soft, but low.

I froze at his words and stared up at him. He waited for an answer but none came out of my mouth. He waited and waited, until he finally grew impatient. Suddenly his arms spread.

" Hug me." He said, his voice husky and low.  I didn't move a muscle. He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around me. My heart started beating rapidly. He pulled me closer to his body, leaving me no choice but to rest my head on his toned chest. His body warmed me which only made my heart beat faster.

"I missed you." he said still holding me in his arms. He gave me one last squeeze, then let me go.


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