Harry Potter's Twin: Book One

Hi I am Athena Diana Minerva Potter. Harry's twin sister. While we're twins we could not be more different. Yet we are a lot alike. Our parents did die but Wormtail was caught and we live with our guardians Remus Lupin and Sirus Black (Moony and Padfoot) , their wives Lupa and Casacopiea respectively, and their children Roma and Lycaon Lupin; Andromeda(after Padfoot's favorite cousin) and Orion Black. This is the story of our life.


1. Prologue

"Lilly run he's coming! He's found us! Take the children and run!"

"James no come with me! I won't leave you!" 

"Go! Save the children! I'll hold him off as long as I can! The rat squealed. If I live I'll kill him myself!"

Lilly ran up stairs and listened to the door unlock. She told Harry and Athena she loved them and that James loved them. She sent a patronus to Padfoot and Moony. She told them that Wormtail had turned on them, that James was dead and she was about to be, and that they needed to take care of Harry and Athena for them. She also told them that Magic inacted tonight would make them Harry and Athena's only hope for survival if Voldemort ever came back. Harry and Athena must stay with them until they were seventeen. Her last words to them were "Keep them safe." As soon as the message was sent Lilly heard footsteps.

"Stand aside foolish girl." ordered Voldemort

"No! Take me instead! Anything but them! Please have mercy!" cried Lilly

"Give me the children and you can live." said Voldemort 

"Never!" yelled Lilly as her final word

"Avada Kedavra!" incanted Voldemort and green light filled the room. Lily fell to the floor dead.

"Now for the children. They are all that stand between me and immortality." said Voldemort as he turned to Harry and Athena in their cribs. Avada Kedavra was yelled twice and green light filled the room along with the sound of an explosion. After the green light vanished Voldemort was nowhere to be seen and the children had scars on their heads but otherwise we're fine. 

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