What should have been

What if James and Lily lived?


1. He comes


James was shooting little colors out of his wand, Harry was laughing his head off. I heard a strange noise a distance away. I looked out the window, and saw Voldemort walking towards us, Wormtail trotting beside him. I gasped.
I ran into the living room, James looked at me.
“What is it Lils?” He asked
“Its him. He is coming. Wormtail is with him. James’s eyes widened, and he grabbed his wand “Take Harry. I will hold him off.” I opened my mouth to protest. “Lily, go.” He said. I picked up baby Harry went out the back door. I looked around, there was nowhere for me to go. So, I ducked under our porch. I set baby Harry down, and cast a silencing charm on him, I felt bad, but it was necessary. I then sent a protrunce to Dumbledore for help. I watched as my doe ran off. Now all to do was wait. I held Harry Tight waiting for the worst to happen.


I waited, ready. I still couldn't believe that Wormtail was a traitor, I guess he really is a rat. The door burst open, and I sent a stunning curse. Voldemort blocked it with ease, and laughed. He sent a killing curse which I Dodged by a inch.
“Wormtail, go find the child.” Voldemort said, and Wormtail trotted up the stairs. I sent another spell, which Voldemort dodged. Wormtail came back
“There is no one here my lord.” He said, glancing at me and I gave him a death glare.
“Where are they!”
Voldemort roared at me
“I will never tell.” I responded, and Voldemort expelliarmus me, and my wand flew from my hand.
“Your wandless, defenseless. Now tell me where they are!” He commanded me.
“So what if i'm wandless, I will punch you right in your bloody nose, OH WAIT!” I exclaimed, making Voldemort furious.
“CRUCIO!” He exclaimed, and I fell the the ground, in complete agony. I screamed.

I heard the sound of spells. Then I heard Voldemort roar, “Your wandless, defenseless, now tell me where They are!” Then came James’s replied “So what if i'm wandless, I will punch you right in your bloody nose, OH WAIT!” I almost laughed, then I heard him scream. I was scared.

He lifted the curse, I stood up.
“Now, tell me.” He said again, I shook my head.
“Crucio.” He said lazily, the pain racked my body. He released it as Wormtail said,
“My lord! The back door is open!” He motioned to the door that was cracked open. Voldemort smiled, and he tied me up with bounds that came out of his wand, including a mouth gag.
“Wormtail, watch him. I shall go” Wormtail nodded, and stood by me. I growled at him. Voldemort went outside. I glared at wormtail, and he made the mistake of looking at me. He looked away quickly.

I heard footsteps above me. They weren't James. The footsteps went down the stairs, and were soon standing in front of me. The top of the porch blasted from being above me, and I was looking straight at Voldemort. I set Harry down and stood up.
“Step aside Girl.” He told me.
“No. Take me instead, spare Harry, please.” I begged, refusing to move.
“Reducto!” He said, I went flying back. I hit the side of the wall. I watched, fading in and out of consciousness, as Voldemort turned his wand on Harry, who looked amused, I saw a green flash, and Then I saw a cloud of black dust rise from where Voldemort used to stand. Harry was screaming, and I blacked out.

I heard a loud scream as I layed there, able to do nothing, when I heard a familiar voice ring out,
“James?” It was Sirus, I gave a muffled call for help, only to be kicked by Worm- He doesn't deserve that name. Kicked by Peter. Sirius came in, and observed the scene, he sent a quick stunning spell at Peter, which sent him flying back. Sirius rushed over, and untied me.
“Lily…..” I said, and got up, we ran outside, onto what would have been the porch, but there wasn't one. We both fell. We looked around, I saw Harry screaming, and Sirius ran over to him. I ran to Lily, who was losing a lot of blood. I heard Voices call mine and Lily’s name. Sirius responded with “We're out here! Help!” The order of the Phoenix had arrived. Dumbledore rushed to Lily, and did a healing spell. She began breathing. I heard some noise from inside the house, and i'm sure that someone found Peter. Sirius picked up Harry, and passed him to someone, and Dumbledore made a stretcher for Lily. The rest of the Order bustled around, and I fell to the ground, exhausted. I saw Sirius in my vision for a second before blacking out.

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