The Mighty Avengers

The year is 1965 Industrialist Anthony Stark is making a name for himself as the hero Iron Man. Doctor Hank Pym and his lab partner Janet Van Dyne have discovered a new substance and are only beginning to understand it's potential.

A newly forming Intelligence service called S.H.I.E.L.D headed by a man named Nick Fury is about to make it's presence known.

All these people are about to come together to pursue a mysterious green monster the press is calling The Hulk.

None of them realize they're being used as pawns in a game by an entity more powerful than all of them.


1. The Doctor is Out

He opened his eyes but it was too dark to see really anything so it took him awhile to adjust and realise he wasn't having trouble adjusting to the light because there was no light in there. Wherever there was it was pitch black


Which got him thinking, where the heck is he.


He was laying on his right side, he must have been in that position for a long time it could account for the numbness he felt in his right arm from laying on it for so long.


He rolled over on his back and immediately regretted it and rolled on to his left side after feeling the pain of several sharp pointy things that were obviously sticking in his back.


Rolling on them just pushed them in deeper, once the initial surge of pain subsided a quick flash of anger passed as well.


He had to think, but it didn't change things he couldn't remember what those things were or how they got there.


Distracted by his thoughts of where he was and why it was so dark, he had overlooked the biggest clue; the smells.


As his sense of smell began to reawaken he soon wished it hadn't, the multitude of odours assaulting his senses at least let him know where he was.


He realised he was inside a large garbage container.


“Wow, what a wonderful aroma you've discovered,“ He thought.


Which led him to remember this wasn't the first or the second time he had woken up in unfamiliar surroundings the first time in the desert the second time in an alleyway in New York City.


Although none of those smelled quite as bad as wherever he found himself this time.


Recalling that made him realise there were other more important things he couldn't remember.


Like why he only had a pair of trousers on and why they were torn.


Why he felt so weak all his attempts at standing up so far had been thwarted by his legs buckling under him.


Why he felt dehydrated, why his throat felt scratchy and raw.


A wave of dizziness hit him as he tried to stand up again, followed by a wave of nausea as he could feel something inside him rising from his stomach all the way up his digestive tract and into his throat.


He got the shock of his life when he opened his mouth to throw up only for something to leap from his tongue and into the surrounding garbage.


He got a bigger shock when that thing grew larger until it was a full size man in a red and black suit.


"Hey, so you swallowed me that was new."

"Please don't ever do that again."


He scrambled around until he had positioned himself face to face with the strange man he had coughed up.


"Who are you?" "What are you?"


"Where did you come from, how can I have swallowed you? How is that possible."


"Look, I understand you have a lot of questions Bruce, actually I don't understand."


"Do you not remember any of it, I don't know, but I think I'd remember swallowing a Human being, clearly from the expression on your face you don't." "Another side affect of your condition, never mind me and the others will have the answers for you."


"You still haven't answered my question, who are you?"

"What others?


"Relax Doc, all in good time, the answers will come."


"There's just one question I really need answered."

"Who am I?"


Before he had even finished speaking he had to shield his eyes from an unexpected blast of sunlight as the lid of the garbage bin opened.


A hand reached down, as he adjusted to the light and could finally start to see properly he saw the hand of a handsome African American man easily 6ft tall extending out to him.


As the man said.

"Hey there big fella, just in case you forgot my name is Tony and your name is Bruce Banner."


As Tony took his hand and the other man in the bin with him helped him out.


He finally saw the woman and offered a weak hello.


"Hi Bruce, I know you already know me, but as you've temporarily forgotten I'll introduce myself again."


"I'm Janet Van Dyne, I believe you've already met my fiance, Dr. Hank Pym."


“My Name is Bruce, so my name, is Bruce and I'm some kind of Doctor."


"Geez Tony how hard did you hit him," Janet asked.


"Not that hard, I mean I had to use the the steel beam to put him down."

"Besides he hit me first."


"Wait what is going on you hit me, but I hit you first, that doesn't sound like me."


"In fairness I was attempting to hit the other guy again when big green leapt in to stop me with a helluva right hook."


"What other guy, Bruce said the confusion evident in his voice as he asked the question."


"Oh dear seems Loki really did a number on poor Bruce."


"Who's Low Key?" Bruce asked still confused.


"Look, interesting as this all isn't, it's time we get Bruce back to, well we don't have a headquarters so it'd be best take him back to my lab, Tony said to Janet and Hank."


"I think our lab would be better, certainly free from distractions like random airhead girls and certainly fewer members of the press hanging about."


"Do I detect a hint of jealousy over my being more widely known than you Doctor Pym, because I choose not to hide my intellect in a dusty underground bunker you laughingly refer to as a laboratory."


Hank was about to resume the verbal sparring between him and Tony until Janet stepped in.


"Hank, not now." "We don't have time for clash of the egos. Besides Tony is right."


"Kind of," she said looking at Tony as she said it. "In that your lab is closer," that's the only reason we're going there, so wipe that grin off your face Stark."


"Grin, what me. I don't grin, I smile with charm and confidence."


"More like smarm and smugness." Hank muttered under his breath.


"To Stark tower then," Tony said ignoring the dig from Pym before adding, "with my technologically superior lab."


Hank let out a breath through gritted teeth and Janet let out an exasperated sigh at once again being the buffer between two egos.


Seemingly having been forgotten Bruce chipped in and said.


"Good idea," still not exactly sure who these people were or what he was agreeing to.

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