The One who Saved Harry Potter

We all know that Harry was horribly abused at the Dursley's. But what if Severus had saved him just after he turned three?


1. Chapter One

"Albus!" Severus roared, barging in to Dumbledore's office. "We need to talk!"
​"By all means, talk, Severus." Dumbledore said quietly.
"You cannot leave him there." Severus said, and Dumbledore immediately knew who he was talking about. "I was there this morning. They abuse him terribly, Albus! He is only three! You must let me save him!"
"Severus, you know why-" Dumbledore began, but Severus cut him off.
"I think I am perfectly able to protect him without this silly magic protection!" he exclaimed. "If you leave him there, then he will end up dead before he even comes to Hogwarts!"
Dumbledore thought this over. "You may be right, Severus." he thought some more. "Very well. You may go retrieve him. Bring him back here, however, so I may see if he needs any medical attention. If what you say about his relatives is true, then it is likely he will."
"Thank you, Albus." Severus said, and left the office.
Almost two hours later, Severus returned with the toddler asleep in his arms and took him up to Dumbledore's office.
"Just get Madam Pomfrey to give him something for those bruises." Dumbledore finally said, after studying Harry. "He is otherwise unharmed."
"Yes, Albus." Severus said, picking Harry back up. "And, Albus? See if Minerva will help me for the first few weeks. I know nothing about children."
Severus arrived at dinner that night with Harry walking along behind him. The other teachers stopped when they saw the small boy, and Severus realized that neither him nor Dumbledore had thought to inform the other teachers of the fact that Severus was rescuing Harry.
"Severus?" Minerva said, eying Harry. "Where did you get a kid?"
"Number four Privet Drive." Severus said.
"You kidnapped Harry Potter without permission?" Minerva asked slowly, as though trying to understand what she was saying.
"No." Severus said defiantly. "Dumbledore said I could."
At this moment, Harry lost his balance and grabbed on to Severus's robes to steady himself. Giving Minerva a look that dared her to say anything, Severus took Harry's hand and led him to a seat, which had been magically modified so that it was like a Muggle high chair. Aurora Sinistra smiled softly at the small boy in the seat next to her. Severus sat on his other side. Harry looked at him, and smiled.
"Daddy!" he said, raising his arms as if to ask to be picked up. Minerva raised her eyebrows at Severus.
"Ohhhh!" Professors Sprout and Sinistra said.
Severus just rolled his eyes and helped the child eat, trying to ignore the looks he kept getting from Minerva.



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