Metli Middle school

started randomly writing with a friend


1. First day at Metli Middle School

Kratos :hey Erza , you ready for the first day at Metli Middle school?

Erza:Yeah , let me see your schedule.

*Erza looks intently at the schedule and then at Kratos*

Erza: We have all the same classes!

Kratos:awesome.First is Advanced potions.Room 163.

Erza:Let's go then!

Kratos:We need our locker numbers first. mines 170

Erza:*sighs* 171.

Kratos:lets go already!


*they walk to class and are meeting their first teacher*

Mrs. Heartfelt:Hello and what are your names?



Mrs.Heartfelt:okay Kratos and Erza, go take your seats.

Kratos:let's go already.

*Kratos and Erza sit right next to each other and Kratos keeps nudging Erza*

Erza:*whispers* what?

Kratos:*whispers*what? what?

Erza:*whispers*just quit this nonsense!

Mrs.Heartfelt:Okay class let's open our books to page...

*she trails off*

*Kratos raises his hand*

Mrs.Heartfelt:*impatiently* Yes Kratos?

Kratos : What page number?*nudges Erza*

Mrs.Heartfelt:Class is dismissed!!

*bell rings and Kratos and Erza meet in the hall for their next class*

Erza:what is our next class?

Kratos:I think spellbooking 101 room 101. What are the odds?

Erza:What? no way. I'm in room 102.

Kratos: Let's meet after school.

*school ends and they are walking home*

???:Hello? Is anyone there?


???:What is your name boy?

Kratos:Why would I tell you?

Erza:Kratos, Hurry up.

Kratos:Erza, get over here.

???:Kratos and Erza huh? I am Christopher.

Kratos:Christopher? Really?

Christopher:Or Chris for short.

Kratos:Okay Chris , where are you?

Erza:Let's go. We don't want to get in trouble.



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