Senior Year

Fuji and Zane are starting senior year at Fairy Tail High School. Who knows what trouble they may come across this year.


1. The Start of Something New

Chapter 1 “The Start of Something New

        This is my last year in O’kasis, until I go off to college in Meteora Valley. I’m going to everyone, especially Zane. Hopefully, he gets into a good school  as well (honestly, I want him to go to college with me, but that’s doubtful). Junior Year was pretty crazy, especially the whole Haru incident (which did not go too well). What am I doing talking to myself? I better go meet Zane.

    Fuji: “Hey Zane.”

    Zane: “What’s up, Fuji?”

    Fuji: “Nothing. Are you ready to go?”

    Zane: “Ya. So, how was your summer?”

    Fuji: “Kinda Boring. How about yours?”

    Zane: “Same for me. I wasn’t with you.”

    Fuji: “Awe. I missed you so much.” (hugs Zane)

    Zane: (holds her) “Me too.”

    Fuji: “C-come on, we’re gonna be late.” (escapes from his grasp and hurries up the sidewalk)

    Zane: “Hey, wait up!” (catches up with her)

    Fuji: “S-sorry...”

    Zane: “What’s wrong? Please tell me.”

    Fuji: “Look, I’ve been having these a lot lately, but I keep having visions of Haru in the future. Honestly, I think he somehow is back, but how?”

    Zane: “I don’t know...but whatever happens, I will be there to protect you.”

    Fuji: “Dude, I was the one who saved you last time you know.”

    Zane: “Yes, I do. That’s why I would like to return the favor. And besides, I love you so much don’t want you getting hurt.” (moves hair out of her face)

    Fuji: “Thank you, but I’m probably just thinking things.”

    Zane: “Calm down and come here.”(gently grabs her face to kiss her and holds her close)

    Fuji: “...I-I needed that, t-thank you. Let’s hurry to school. We don’t wanna be late.”

    Zane: “Alight then, come on.” (holds her hand as they walk the rest of the way)

    When we get to school, everyone looks at us and smiles. Just when I was about to go to class, a girl about my age runs into me.

    ???: “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.”

    Fuji: “It’s ok. I’m Fuji.”

    ???: “Hi, my name Kimmy~Chan . I’m new senior here.”

    Fuji: “Nice to meet...WAIT! Did you say your name was Kimmy~Chan?”

    Kimmy: “Yes, is there something wrong?”

    Fuij: “No, no. Um, do you remember Fui Scarlet?”

    Kimmy: “Well of course, she was like my bestie back in Scaleswind.”

    Fuji: “Hello Kimmy, I’m Fuji Scarlet.”

    Kimmy: “AHHHH!!!” (hugs Fuji and stop screaming)

    Fuji: “’re gonna draw attention to us.”

    As soon as we walk up to the school, the secretary gives us our schedule. Zane and I have the first half of the day together, while Kimmy~Chan and I have the second half together. I can’t wait. Well I better go catch up with Zane and tell him the great news.

    Fuji: “Hey, guess what?”

    Zane: “What?”

    Fuji: “We have the first half of the day together.”

    Zane: “That’s awesome. I can’t wait!” (hugs her with excitement)

    Fuji: “Oh ya, I also made a new friend her name is Kimmy~Chan.”

    Zane: “Cool. Ready to go to class?”

    Fuji: “Ya, let’s go.”

    Our first class is Flying. A class that I am bound to fail. Yes, I may have wings, but doesn’t mean that I’m coordinated with them. Hopefully, the teacher will teach us in a simple way.

    Zane: “Don’t be nervous, you’ll do fine. Just focus on what’s ahead of you and stay calm.”

    Fuji: “Thank you. I’ll try my best.”

    Zane: “That’s the spirit and don’t worry, I will catch you if you fall okay?”

    Fuji: “O-okay. Alright, here goes nothing.” (jumps off the platform and soars)

    Zane: “See, you got it. Just don’t look...”

    Fuji: “Oh my god, oh my god!” (starts to fall)

    Zane: “I got you, I got you. Calm down.” (catches her)

    Fuji: “Thank you so much, Zane.” (hugs him tightly)

    Zane: “Come on, let’s go to our next class.”

    The rest of that morning was actually pretty fun. Next, for today is my classes with Kimmy, this is going to be interesting. Well, I guess it’s off to Geometry.

Kimmy: “Hi Fuji~Senpai. Are you ready for class?”

Fuji: “Ya I guess.”

Kimmy: “Hey Fuji~Senpai, are you going to the dance in a few weeks?”

Fuji: “I probably will. I don’t know yet.”

Kimmy: “Okay. Is Fuji~Senpai okay?”

Fuji: “Ya, I’m just distracted.”

Kimmy: “Okay, you know you can talk to me. Well I’ll meet you in Geometry, bye.”

I could never tell her what was going on. She doesn’t need to be in that position. Truthfully, I keep seeing glimpses of Haru and it’s starting to scare me. The rest of the day was...kinda distracting you could say. I would really like to talk to Zane about it, but I’m worried that he’ll just laugh. Better head home I guess.

Zane: “Hey, are you okay?”

Fuji: “No, I’m scared.”

Zane: “Of what? Please tell me.” (holds her and kisses her forehead)

Fuji: “I swear I have been seeing Haru around everywhere. He’s always in my head.” (starts to fall back, having another vision)

Zane: “Fuji? FUJI!!!” (catches her and starts to panic at her pale body)

After many attempts of trying to wake Fuji up, Zane takes her to his mom, who is a magic doctor.

Zane: “Mom! I need your magic. Something’s wrong with Fuji and I don’t know what it is.”

Zianna: “Okay, okay. Calm down. Just lay her down and I will get the potions and tools you’ll


    Zane: “I think Haru is trying to control Fuji. Before she fainted, she said that she’s been seeing him around and that he’s always in the visions in her head.”

    Zianna: “I see. Don’t worry. You’ll know what to do. Now, just concentrate and the answer will come to you.”

    Zane: “Um mother!!!? SHE STOPPED BREATHING!!!”

    Zianna: “Wait! Look into her mind.”

    Zane: “Oh my god! H-Haru’s in there and he’s trying to kill her from inside. And Haru’s winning. I need to save her. ”

    Zianna: “No wait, you don’t-” (Zane transports into Fuji’s mind)

    As Zane searches through Fuji’s mind looking for her, Haru waits for him to arrive.

    Haru: “Why won’t you listen to me? You have no idea what you’re going against, do you?”

    Fuji: “I will never go with you. I defeated you once.”

    Haru: “Not this time. LIGHTNING ICE!!!” (shoot her back)

    Fuji: “Ugh. Not so fast. FIRE TORNADO!!!” (catches him on fire)

    Haru: “You think you’re soo smart; think again.” (grabs a power drain sphere from his pocket)


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