Writing Wars (Between The 3 Believers)

Hi it'z Camz / Jaze / Demal here! We will be making a writing wars! We will be choosing different fan fictions and doing a humorous writing competition!

Camz - Neverland and Harry Potter

Jaze - Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles

Demal - Hunger Games and Divergent


1. Dem Fishies - Jaze

Chapter One: Introductions


Heyyy guys! It’s Camz here! (101)




Hi. - Jaze




SO guys! We are here all as besties and well, here is the code to see who’s writing.


Camz is italic font…


Demal is bold…


Jaze is underlined.




And when we are working together there will be combined textzz…


Into the books!





Chapter One: Why No Fishies?


“PERCY!” I roared in frustration as he was firing water balloons around the cabin bunker. Percy stopped and stared at me with surprise. I rarely yell at all, most of the time i’m the sneaky one who is thinking of a plan in my head. We are in the middle of a war, a furious war. Between my ‘best friends’ Camz and Demal. Right now Camz is looking like she could win if she would just drop the dang bomb on Demal. Camz is in charge of all of the Hogwarts and Neverland people, that means wizards and flying weirdos. Not to mention the stupid fairies that won’t leave me alone. Always spying on me and making little screeching noises. Demal should have been dead by now, all she has is the people from Hunger Games.


“Yo, Jaze! We gotta attack Demal remember? WITH DEM FISHIES!” Percy shouted the last part and conjured up 10 different fish that flopped around on the ground. Making a disgusted face I turned away and tried to think of to use against the stupid fighters.

“FISHIES!” Percy shouted with a weird look in his eyes.






“SHUT UP OR ELSE YOU’RE GOING TO BURN IN TARTARUS!” That shut him up with a wimpy look.


“Fishies?” I shat a ‘do-you-wish-to-die-today-look’ at him and he instantly looked away and went to the lake.


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