Carry On My Wayward Son 5

A year after Jess goes to hell, she comes back, saved by Sam and Dean. But does she want to be saved? She is messed up from all the torture, and things the demons did down there. will she ever be the same?


1. A Year Later

I opened my eyes. Light? I was breathing hard, and I wasn't able to comprehend anything. Who was that? Dean? I could barely hear. I could barely see, it was too bright in here. My throat was raw, and dry. I could still smell smoke. Castiel was standing in front of me. How long had I been gone? It felt like a century. Sam and Kevin were also standing there. I missed all of them. My hearing slowly came back. 

  "Jess," Dean was saying. "Are you okay?" I felt like crying, I felt like sleeping. My skin still felt hot. 

  "Hey," I said. "You guys got any water?" Kevin's eyes hadn't left me. Sam grabbed me a bottle, and through it at me. I caught it, without thinking. While I downed the water bottle, Kevin moved closer to me. He had more muscle, and looked different. 

  "Do you feel any different?" Kevin asked. 

  "That's a stupid question," I told him. All the memories started flooding back. All the awful things I did to all those people. "Dean..." I looked over at him. "Can I talk to you alone?" He nodded, and they left. 

   "What's on your mind?" he said. 

   "How long have I been gone?" I asked. 

   "About a year, why?" Dean told me. 

   "Dean, it couldn't of been a year," I said. "It felt so long." 

   "Time moves faster down there," Dean told me, as I looked down at my hands. 

   "I did some horrible things, Dean," I said. "All those people. 

   "How long did you last? Before you said yes," Dean asked me. 

   "Sixty years," I said. "Before I couldn't take anymore." 

   "Damn," Dean smiled. "That's pretty good. Mine was thirty. You're strong, you just need a few stitches. What happened the night you disappeared?"

   "Crowley," I said. "When I went to the diner to pick something up, he showed up there. He took Sam, and kevin. He was going to kill you in your sleep, unless if I went with him. So I went, and I knew there was a catch. He dragged me into those torture chambers." I shivered, still shaking from it. 

  "You went to save my life," Dean realized. I nodded, and then we called the rest of them back in. Although Castiel was gone. "I think Sam and I have got a case. We're going to head out. We'll be back in a few days. Head out to the bunker, and we'll meet you there." Dean was leaving me with Kevin? That's a first. 

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