The Mystics

Life wasn’t so easy for me. Especially, when everything you had or loved...was gone...forever. Oh sure, my life was just fine before, but what if the family you loved so dearly, and so much care for, your loving younger brother that always looked up to you and worried about you every time you’d leave; what if it was all gone, in an instant. Nothing’s the same anymore. Everything has changed...for good. Now that life’s taken its turn. There’s no turning back now. Love sickens me, or so I thought. The last time I opened up my heart and let my guard down, love left me in the shadows. I don’t feel anything anymore. All that’s in my heart now, is anger and hatred.


1. The Beginning

This story all started in the forest one day. I was practicing magic in the forest and on the lookout for guards. When I heard the crack of branch.

    “Who’s there?” I yell, ready to attack. “Come out, and I won’t strike.”

    A mysterious man came out from behind one of the trees, “You caught me, what are you gonna do now?”

    I was shocked by his presence, he acted so calm, yet rude. “Well let’s start with why you’re here? Are you a spy for the King?”

    “First, the king is dead to me. Second, I just wanted to follow. Do you have a problem with that?”

    This guy is getting on my nerves so much. “Fine then… Can you at least tell me your name?”

    “People call me Shadow. And you are?”

    “Phoenix, but why are you really here?”

    I was surprised by his honesty. And frankly, I’m actually glad it was him and not a guard.

    “Truthfully, I was just curious why you always come out here. Besides, I had to get away from guards chasing me.”

    “I see. So you’re on my side. You hate the King?”

    “Very. I seek revenge on him, when I get the chance.”

    I know this is crazy, but maybe I just found someone to accompany me on my journey to Dragon Drop. Depends however, on how much he annoys me. With hope in my heart, I ask him.

    “Would you like to come with me to Dragon Drop and go on adventures?”

    “Sure. Ssh...did you hear that?” He stops for one second, then I hear the words “Looks out!”. I move just in time, to see an arrow sticking out of the tree, right by my head.

    “Thanks for the ‘almost death’ warning.”

    “You’re welcome.”

    I turn around and spot a metal shadowy figure in the distance. Wait, guards.

    “Guards 10 o’clock. Get in battle positions!”

    I take my demonic ice sword out and get my ice powers ready to shoot. One of the guards comes at me.

    “Freeze, both of you.”

    “No, you freeze.” My ice powers activate and freeze one of the guards in an ice block.

    A guard comes up behind me and slashes my upper arm. “Watch your back. Hahahaha.”

    “I got him.” Shadow slaughters the rest of them. “Come on, let’s go!” He grabs my hand and drags me with him.

    “Where are we going?” I say to him curiously.

    “We’re going to my hideout. It’s almost nightfall and you need to doctor your arm, or at least let me.” He looks at me and stops at a well hidden treehouse.

    “Is this it?” I look up and see this amazing looking treehouse.

    “Yep. Follow me.” Shadow starts climbing up the rope ladder. I try to climb as well, but I fall holding my arm tightly.

    “Ow! Hold on. I’m coming!”

    “Hey, do you need some help?” A hand reaches down, offering assistance. Should I take it? Maybe it won’t be so bad.

    “Thank you.” Taking his hand, I eventually get up to the treehouse.

    “Wow, you’re pretty strong.”

    “Thanks, you’re not too bad yourself. Heh. Now let’s doctor that arm of yours.” He pulls out a cloth from his cloak.

    “Hey, do you have any medicine in your satchel?”

    “I might have some.” Looking in my satchel, I find a bottle of healing medicine. “Here you go.” And with that, he pours a few drops onto the cloth and dabs it on my wound.

    “This may sting a little.” He sure was right. That cut hurt like you wouldn’t believe. Then he wrapped the cloth around my upper arm and ties it tight enough for it to stay in place.

    “Sorry. Does it feel any better?” Shadow asks hoping that it worked.

    “Yes actually. Thanks. Hey, do you want an apple?” I hold out an apple from my bag to him.

    “Sure. Why not.” He takes it and kinda smiles.

    “Well you need to eat. Oh look! It’s almost sunset.” I look out the ledge and see the setting sun.

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