Gemma and Danny love each other. They have been together almost ten years and everything is perfect. But then Danny receives his news. A new cancer is spreading through his body, a cancer that will affect his gender hormones. Immediate action must take place if he is to be given the chance to survive. We all know that cancer ruins the most innocent of lives. It will be hard for Danny and Gemma in a truly unimaginable way never seen before. It's time for an unchosen change.


1. Before 🌸 - chapter 1

Before 🌸 - chapter 1


Danny?" Gemma's voice called from the kitchen through to the sitting room. She had been busy making tea when I'd heard her phone wring a couple of minutes ago. I was watching the television on the sports channel. It was the Olympics soon and I had been following all the preparations on the news. She'd just ended her call.

"Yes?" I asked, "what's wrong?"

"Could you come here please?"

Sauntering into the light kitchen, I slid myself onto one of the black stools at the breakfast bar. I looked up into my fiancées beautiful face. The usually flawless face was creased with a worried frown and her slightly hunched shoulders where draped with her long straight blonde hair. Somehow, she'd managed to look older than 25 within the half an hour since I'd stood face to face with her last. Any idiot could tell that something wasn't right.

"That was the hospital that just called," she said hesitantly.

"The hospital?" Ok, now something was definitely wrong. The hospital. I'd been terrified of them for as long as I could remember, and she knew that.

"Yes," she said biting her lip. "They want to do a blood check on you."

"Why?" I asked immediately.

"Oh, you know," she said, "just the normal check up I think."

I was confused. Why did I need a check up? I was perfectly fine. Fit. Young. Healthy. I didn't need to go to hospital. I felt Gem's gentle hand start to ease my tensing shoulders.

"Hey, it's ok." She tilted my chin slightly. I must have been sitting staring at the floor whilst I was thinking for some time. "It's just a check up ok?"

I nodded and gave her a smile, not a real smile, but a smile none the less. It did the job nicely.

"Good." She was happy to see my 'strength.' Turning round quickly with her back to me, she picked up a scrap of paper from the dark marble work surface. Holding it in front of her while facing me again, she read, "Your appointment is on Monday morning at 10am."

I nodded again. Two more days that I'd probably end up drowning in my own stress, anticipation and anxiety in. Blood tests - a needle stuck in an extremely sensitive part of your arm and then blood being sucked out of it. Consequenting in sore and achy bruising. All that trauma just for some stupid tests that never prove anything. That's always been my view anyway.

Wandering through to the bathroom, I decided to take a shower. I'd always found that they helped me to calm down a little; more so the sound of running water than the actual shower itself though. Turning it on and the heat up, I stripped. By the time I'd finished taking my clothes off, the mirror and windows had already steamed up making a warm and cleanly atmosphere. I stepped under the hot jet and felt it pummel my back with a greatly satisfactory strength. I stood there, just letting the water run all over me, I slowly rotated my neck to one side, then to the other. After five minutes, I turned the shower off, but I didn't get out. With the condensing of the water vapour came a quick drop in temperature. The rush of cold air surrounded me. I felt fresher, but I still wasn't quite ready to leave.

I pressed my bare back against the cold, wet tiles. The slow trickles of water running down my spine and then my legs landed in the flat basin on the floor. The dying current of water trailed away under my feet and slithered down the plug hole. I could feel my body was starting to dry, and my wet skin had become cold and strong. I longed for this beautiful feeling of an after shower whenever I was stressed. It made me feel more flexible, but stable at the same time. Stepping away from the wall, I got out and reached for my towel. Wrapping it round my waist, I picked up my clothes. I'd worn them the last few days so I plonked them in the washing baskets and left the room to get some fresh clothing.

I had walked down the long green carpeted corridor, and had reached Gemma and my's room. Our apartment was large and modern. Gemma had a stable job as an interior designer and had helped design it. She knew how to make a room light with fresh air. She knew how to do a lot of things. She knew how to calm me. This was something that made her special, made me love her. No one, other than her or my mother, knew how to do this. I'd been to professionals all over the country to try and help me be less stressed out over small simple matters. No psychiatrist or doctor had helped me yet. Besides, I didn't need any mental health assistance, I had Gemma, and she was perfect.

I opened my draws as she entered the room. She smiled as I stood there with just a towel around my waist. She laid down some ironing on the bed and slowly came closer to me. Wrapping her arms around my neck, she looked me in the eye.

"You ok?" She asked. I gave her a genuine smile and placed a soft kiss on her lips. I was feeling fine.

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