The Girl with the Red Hair

As you all know Harry was the only descendant from Lily and James Potter. But at Hogwarts, this girl, a year older than him, reminds him of his mother(her looks) and his father(her personality). Is it true, or is it only another Weasley?


1. Part 1: Hogwarts-Chapter 1

Harry's POV

Harry was on the bed of Dudley's second room. He reread the letter that he'd gotten earlier that day. The one reminding him that Hogwarts was starting on September 1st. It was July. He would soon be fifteen. "Harry!!!! Get down here and make my eggs!!!" Shrieked his Aunt Petunia. He sighed, leaving the room where the only peace for him was found. As he scrambled eggs for hours because she claimed that he was "getting the texture all wrong". Women. (If I was her, I'd be happy that her nephew was even making an effort to cook her scrambled eggs.)

Aspen's POV

Aspen was laying down on her leaf green bed, enjoying the rest, when Uncle Sirius called from downstairs that it was time to get out of bed. She had a strong case of climonia. She asked her new Google Home what time it was. "It is approximately 10:30am, Aspen." The machine told her. She used her wand to curl her hair and make up her bed. Then she put on a tie-dyed shirt and paired it with blue jeans and her Converse. She hopped downstairs, the spicy smell wafting through the air. Sirius had made her an omelet with green and red peppers and grape juice. After that she put her plate in the sink, magicking the stains away.

"Thanks, Sirius. Me and Cho were hoping that it would be all right if we went to Diagon Alley today...."

"That's fine Aspen. Just send a patronus if anything goes wrong." She hugged him bye, exiting Number 12, Grimmald Place. Aspen was breathing the soft summer air, when a cab pulled up, a yellow as bright as a bee, transporting her best friend, Cho Chang.

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