How I met Jeff the killer

I'm living alone in the city I don't have much friends. Well I don't have any and I don't talk to my parents so I'm pretty alone. Until one night I wake up feeling like I've been watched. As soon as I close my eyes he's sitting on top of me. A knife to my throat and he looks into my eyes. He scares me but he's kind cute. He speaks and says, "go to sleep."


1. Meeting him

 I'm a 16 year old girl. And I don't have any friends. My parents kicked me out of the house so they could get high. I'm pretty lonely. When I'm not working I'm home, alone, and staring at a wall or something. Most the time my murderous thoughts are trying to kill me. Why haven't they yet?

 It's almost 11 pm. And I feel like I'm being watched. It's kind of creeping me out but yet it's not. I ignore it and lay down in bed. I'm still wide awake. I hardly sleep. It's about 12 I fall asleep

 I feel pressured on my chest and wake up. Looking up at a pale fellow with a white hood and a smile cut right into his face. With not even the slightest bit of fear I open my mouth to speech. 

 "I'll have to guess Jeff, right? Jeff the killer?" He looks surprised and chuckles before answering.

 "Correct girly." I smile wickedly.

 "Go ahead tell me to go to sleep. Write it in my blood. End the wicked thoughts. Please?" I keep smiling. Now he looks even more confused. 

 He takes a breath and moves the knife away from my neck. "Well why should i? U want to die now so why should I? Should I put u to work? Or maybe send u to Slendy?" He looks me in the eyes. 

I start laughing historically. "Whatever you choose!" He starts laughing and gets off of me.

"Alright. How about I sleep on it. Right here. I shall decide in the morning girly."


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