Thoughts and terrible poetry

I have a lot of thoughts that I turn into words. Read if u dare.


1. Is it all in my head?

 Is anyone gonna believe me?

Would anyone,

If I said I had thoughts that explode,

That they are the cause of my attacks,

The attacks that make me think,

Make me think I'm fat,

Think that I'm not good enough,

That I must be a girl.


They're exploding,

These thoughts of mine,

I believe them,

I believe that I'm fat,

That I'm not good enough,

That I have to keep the identity I was born with.


 With the endless,

Endless bombs exploding,

I can't sleep,

I loose hours of sleep thinking,

I don't eat much,

These bombs,

They need to stop exploding,

Stop exploding in my head.,


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