Operation Ink

Zane the son of ink is wanting to protect all aus from his sister Shara daughter of error sans and now he's having second thoughts being the kings to go guy


1. Child's play

Zane:Dad I've been wondering if maybe I could go o-

Ink:I'm gonna stop you right there my answer is no.

Zane:Dad please I sick of staying here and I can protect myself‼️ 

Ink:....... fine. 


                    Same time  (au undertale) spiden'sp.o.v.  

Muffet: sure you can go out if you want bite some spider killing humans for me k.

Spiden: ok cya mom 

               Ilanna's and Kilo's p.o.v 

Toriel: oh dear my children the world is dangerous 

Ilanna:mom I can use a knife and little bro here has dual guns

Kilo:it's called joy and yeah and frisk can help you cook she's not coming 

Asgoer: Tori let them go

Toriel:oh ok

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