A New Life

The planet Ukuthula gets invaded by the Eversions. The King Frieden and Queen Amana send most of the children and teenagers to Earth to protect them. Some of them befriend humans.


1. Prologue

Luke's POV

​"Lucas, Liliana. Get ready my babies. You need to get your bags ready," my mother spoke.

"We have to get you two in the escape pod before they come to the castle. We have already gotten Datoro in the pod and we need you two to hurry so you can look after him while you are on Earth," my father said, pushing me and my twin sister toward the escape pod.

We quickly got into the escape pod, knowing that any delays would result in our capture. Everyone else that was supposed to go to Earth with us got into their escape pods. We glanced at our parents one last time before our pod took off. Before we left, we saw the door being kicked down and a large man with pitch black eyes and dark hair step in.

"What do you think is going to happen to Mom and Dad?" Lily asked, fear laced in her voice.

"I don't know. I hope they'll be okay," I said, worriedly.

~Two Days Later~

"Wake up, Lukey. I think we're there," Datoro said, shaking me.

I sat up and looked around through the windows of the pod.

"Wake up, Lily. We're here," I said as the pod safely landed.

"We are?" Lily asked, sleepily.

"Yeah," Datoro replied, sounding excited.

I typed in a few things on the control panel and soon the protective shield was up. It protected the pod from damage whenever it entered an atmosphere.

"Alright, we should land in about ten minutes. I programmed the pod to land us in a forest so it makes it harder for the humans to find us. After all, we don't know if humans are hostile," I informed.

The pod soon landed in a clearing that was located in the middle of a dense forest. The three of us got out of the pod as soon as it landed and began looking around. A few more of the pods landed in the clearing, while some went a bit farther than where we were.

"Alright, what do we do now that we're here?" Lily asked.

As soon as she asked that, everyone turned their attention to me.

"Why is everyone looking at me?" I questioned.

"You always come up with a plan whenever we are stuck" My best friend Michael stated.

I looked around and saw that all of them, even my brother and sister, were nodding in agreement.

What am I suppose to do now?

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