"Do you ever feel..." Hayley struggles to find the right words to say. "...incomplete?" She asks, finally finding the right word.

"Sometimes.You?" Rick asks.

"Worse. I feel shattered." Hayley replies.


2. Waking up


The sun’s soft light strokes Hayley's face as her eyes flutter open. A loud sigh leaves her mouth as she turns her eyes from the sun to her boyfriend, Liam. 

He began to shift and trying to get up. Hayley grips onto Liam's shirt. She then wraps her leg around Liam's waist, her hands moving to behind his neck. Liam presses his lips to hers. 

"It's too early" Hayley groans removing her lips from his, which makes Liam chuckle. "Quit laughing at me!" Hayley says as, Liam kisses her forehead. Hayley sits up and yawns. 

"Your so cute when your tired" Liam insists. 

"Uh huh" Hayley answers just before Liam climbs to his feet and disappears from the tent. 

With a soft sigh, Hayley runs her fingers through her messy hair. She changes out of the clothes she wore to bed into a white short sleeve shirt and jeans, with a flannel wrapped around her waist. 

"Your finally up!" Liam jokes with Hayley as she steps outside. Liam  offers her a water bottle and she gladly accepts it. Hayley smiles at her boyfriend. 

"You ready for this?" Liam says nudging his girlfriend. 

"As ready as I'll ever be" Hayley states tiredly.

As Hayley and Liam approached the car they were taking Hayley felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist. She smiled as she looked down to find Carl Grimes, Lori's son. 

"Do you think you can bring me back something?" The preteen asks. 

"Like what?" Hayley asks. 

"Let's go, Hayley!" Glenn shouts. 

"Anything, please, just anything." Carl asks. 

"I'll see what I can do" Hayley says as she hops in he car. 

Liam looks back to give his girlfriend a small smile before they drove out of camp. 


"Do you think Carl will like this?" Hayley says as she hands Liam a comic book. 

"Probably. The kid hasn't had a comic book in so long... I think he will like it a lot."  

Liam wrapped his hands around Hayley's waist and kissed her. Hayley quickly pulls away. 

"Somethin' wrong?" Liam gulped. 

Hayley shook her head and then gave Liam a small smile. 

"I love you" Hayley says, trying to assure Liam. 

"I love you more" Liam insists. 

"What ever you say." Hayley says before pressing her forehead against Liam's. 

"Do you know how beautiful you are?" Liam whispers. 

Hayley giggles before pressing her lips against Liam's. 


"Hayley Rae West! Come here, now." Evelyn called out to her thirteen year old daughter from inside the downstairs of their apartment. 

Hayley pushed aside her fear and walked down the stairs, finding her mother waiting at the bottom of the stairs, her face stained with mascara.  

"Baby..." Evelyn sobs. She wraps her arms around her daughter. "Daddy and Logan...they got into a car accident and t-they didn't make i-it" 

"What about Carter? Is he okay?" Hayley asks her voice shaking. Tears start to roll down Hayley's eyes. 

"Carter... He's o-okay. The crash happened yesterday and it happened after they d-dropped him o-off." Evelyn stuttered, beer fresh on her breath. Evelyn pulled her daughter closer. Hayley looked around the room only to find tons of empty beer cans. Hayley wipes her eyes and looks at her mom. 

"Where's Isaac? And Isabella? And where is Carter?" Hayley asks nervously not wanting to be around her mom if she was drunken. 

 "You know what? Never mind. I can't believe you didn't tell me." Hayley says before she quickly disappears to her room. 

About an hour later Isaac enters the room, followed by Bella and Carter. They stand side by side, watching their mother drain another beer can. 

Isaac gulped nervously before tip toeing around Evelyn. He managed to get up the stairs without any trouble and find his younger sister sitting on her bed. 

"It's gonna be okay" Isaac whispered as he sank into the mattress, wrapping his arms around her. 

"No it's not. Her drinking problem will get worst. This is just the beginning." 

Isaac sighs as Bella and Carter walk into Hayley's room. 

"This is dads fault. If he wouldn't have gotten in the crash mom wouldn't be like this." Hayley says coldly. 

"This is moms fault, Hayley. She can quit drinking but she's not going to. One day it'll be just us four." Carter says. 

Hayley sniffles and looked back and forth between the three of her siblings. 

"And you all will take care of me?" Hayley giggles. 

Bella smiles. "We will always be for you Hayls,right guys?" 

"Always" Carter and Isaac say together. 


"Promise" All three of Hayley's siblings say in unison.

In that moment all four kids only wanted one thing; their father, Anthony and their brother, Logan. 


"Outta be more polite to a man with a gun" The cop says as he raises his handgun to Merle's forehead, repeating the same thing Merle had said a few minutes ago. "Only common sense" 

Hayley couldn't stop the smirk playing on her lips as she watched the cops every move. She then knew that this wasn't some idiot who had put their lives in danger, he had saved T-dog's life. 

"You wouldn't" Merle grinned "your a cop." 

The cop lowered his gun. "All I am anymore is a man looking for my wife and kid and if someone gets in the way of that, is gonna loose. I'll give you a moment to think about that." 

"My god." Andrea said from her spot beside Jacque, both of them looking at the walker infested streets below. "It's like Times Square down there." 

"How's that signal?" Morales asks T-Dog as he and the cop approach. 

"Like Dixon's brain" T-Dog mumbles "weak" 

Merle stares at T-dog before turning to face Hayley and Liam talking. "Hey girlie. Why do you have such low standards? Liam ain't got anything special about him, does he? You need a real man." 

Hayley scoffs as Liam growls in anger. "Are you saying Liam ain't a real man?" Hayley asks. 

Merle nods with a smug look on his face. 

"Then obviously you don't know what a real man is" Hayley says. 

Merle gives up. Everyone starts to talk about going down to sewers but Liam and Hayley decide to stay. They sat in silence for a moment before she looked through her bag, realizing she dropped the comic book she was planning on giving to Carl. She turns to Liam. 

"Do you mind if I get the comic book for Carl?" 

"Sure,babe. The kid will be heart broken if you go back without it." Liam says. 

Hayley gives him a small smile and heads downstairs. She saw Andrea and the cop talking by the jewelry section in the store and she wandered off to the clothes section of the store. She sighs softly in relief, find the comic book. 

"Is this yours?" 

Hayley jumped up, her eyes meeting Ricks. He noticed her quick movement and held up has hand with an amused smile. "Sorry didn't mean to startle you" Rick says gently. 

"Oh, uh... No, it's for my friends son. I told him I'd bring him something back." 

He nodded, then held out his hand. "I don't think we've been properly introduced, I'm Rick Grimes." 

"Well, officer Rick Grimes" Hayley smiled and shook his hand. "I'm Hayley West." 

"So, what are you doing in Georgia?" Rick asks. 

"I moved here about a year ago." She says before leaning against the wall. "Been here ever since" 

"Your with Liam, right?" Rick asks. Hayley nods. Hayley smiles at Rick. 

Just from this one conversation, Rick could tell that the brunette and him would be good friends. 

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