The Unread Diaries

In Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts Professor McGonogall gives each of the first years a diary to keep throughout their years at Hogwarts.


1. Harry's Entry

September 6th

Here's a journal! She said! Write your personal feeling throughout Hogwarts! She said! No one will read it! She said! Who does Professor McGonogall think she is making us write in a diary?! I came here to learn how my parents grew up- not write in an old unused useless object! COME ON!!!

The only people that seemed excited were Lavender Brown, Parvati Patil and some other girls. This one girl- Hermione Granger (what kind of name is Hermione??? I heard her say her parents were dentists, that must be harsh) said that this was a great learning opportunity. Hermione seems nice, but really, extra work isn't fun. 

Ron said that this is the kind of thing that his sister, Ginny would like. His older brothers have all kept one, and so has his parents. I wonder if my parents kept one... 

My hand is getting a cramp, I'm still getting used to quills instead of pens and pencils. I don't see why wizards and witches use quills and parchment- it's kind of stupid. 

So far Hogwarts has been... interesting. It's not that fun with Snape breathing at my neck 24/7, or Draco Malfoy being a rotten person, but with Ron and magic, it's far better that Privet Drive. 


Harry Potter


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