Les Sorcières du Beuxbaton

Boarding the bus for a week-long trip to the prestigious school of Beuxbaton, Marcy Blakelock never thought she'd spend her life there.
"One week,"
"That's all." Her parents told her. Little did she know, she'd uncover secrets, discover abilities she never knew she had, and all the while attempting to get one guy, or girl, to notice her. Follow Marcy in, Les Sorcières Du Beuxbaton.


1. Boarding The Buses



Chapter 1



Marcy sighed as she walked out of the middle school, her suitcase trailing behind her. Only the select few got chosen to stay at the prestigious boarding school, Les Sorcières Du Beuxbaton. Marcy didn't even take french so she didn't know what the name meant. Every year, this super reclusive school picks two girls and two boys to join the school from Jefferson Middle school, if they'd like. At least, that's what they've told us. You get to go for a week to see how it is. Marcy walked up to the lavishly furnished bus and put her luggage in the underhead compartment. She went to walk on when she saw her. Cally Owens. Once Marcy's BFF, they got in a fight when Cally became popular and Cally shut Marcy out. Marcy stepped on the bus and Cally got on behind her. Marcy looked back and Cally looked at her feet. There were at least a dozen other kids on the bus. 3 other schools got picked that she knew of. She walked past a really cute boy, then a really hot girl. It continued in this boy-girl fashion till she got to the back of the bus. She sat down and moved her bag onto her lap. The bus started up and the door slammed shut. The lock made a loud, sealed-in click and the bus reared forward. Cally, who still hadn't found a seat, was flung backward to the back of the bus. She landed on her arse and snickers arose from the isles. She clearly wasn't popular here. Suddenly, a screeching noise sounded throughout the bus. All the kids slammed their hands to their ears as Marcy realized it was a microphone. 

"Hello there, and Welcome students!" a woman at the front of the bus spoke up. She had short brown hair to her shoulders and brown eyes that scanned the room. "Today, while we ride to the school, we have an activity to get to know each other. You two girls, in the back." she pointed to Marcy and Cally. "Front and center. You are going to rotate around the bus to get to know some other people!" Marcy and Cally walked forward and sat at the empty seats in the front of the bus. The boy in the seat next to Marcy smiled a winning smile. 

"Landon, Charmed." he stuck out his hand. Marcy grabbed it to shake it but he lifted it up and kissed it. Marcy giggled. "Merci, Madame." He smirked. Marcy thought of the little french she could come up with.

"Uh, Marcy, Merci, aussi?" Landon giggled at her attempt.

"So are you straight?" he asked, weirdly nonchalant.

"No," Marcy whispered.


"I'm pan."

"Oh. . ." he smiled and pulled her head up with his finger. "Cool." Marcy couldn't help but smile. Suddenly the microphone turned on once more.

"Switch!" Marcy got up as Landon waved to her. She moved a seat back and sat next to a prissy girl doing her blush in a mirror.

"What do you think you're doing?!" she yelled, dropping her pad of blush. It landed on Marcy with a poof of powder. She coughed loudly. Suddenly, she felt her hands get very hot. She looked down to see a cup of coffee in her hand. 

"What the. . . How'd that get there?" Marcy asked herself.

"Party magic won't get you anywhere." the girl said, fluffing her hair and getting more blush on Marcy.

Marcy glared and slowly tipped the coffee over the girl's dress. The girl screamed, 

"Oh. My. God!" Marcy had to stifle a giggle. "You'll rue the day you messed with Britney Gonsales, twerp!"

Marcy just laughed and walked back a seat. There was a boy in the seat. His hair swept over one eye, ragged clothes, he didn't seem fit on this bus.

"Hansel." He mumbled. Marcy stuck out her hand but retracted it as he waved her away. He turned to her and looked into her eyes. 

"Can I trust you?" he whispered. His eyes seemed to be slowly getting bigger. "Can I?" his mouth hadn't moved.

"Can I. . . ?" this time fainter.

"Marcy!" Marcy snapped to attention.


"We're moving across the isle. . . " Cally whispered, giving her a weird look.

"Oh, okay. . ." Marcy replied, standing up and walking past Cally. She looked back at Hansel as he stared down. He glanced up for a mere second and Marcy felt woozy. She fell down into the chair next to her and closed her eyes for a few moments. Her eyes snapped open when she felt something cold on her forehead. She went to jump up but heard,

"Ah, Ah, Stay down. Hanzel can make you a bit dizzy." she heard a calm voice. Marcy slowly sat up, realizing the girl next to her was pressing a wet cloth to her forehead. She reached up to her forehead, accidentally grazing the girl's hand. Marcy blushed as the girl did.

"I can hold it." she told her. The girl slid her hand out from under Marcy's.

"Sorry about Hansel. He's my brother, by the way." she told her.

"And you're Gretal?" Marcy asked in a joking way.

"I was," the girl looked at her feet, clearly upset.  She sniffed but brought her head back up once more. "But I go by Flora now." 

"Flora's a pretty name," Marcy told her, in an attempt to cheer her up. Flora smiled at Marcy, and Marcy smiled back at her. Marcy handed the cloth back right as the woman called out, 

"I hope we get to room together!" Flora told her as Marcy stepped out of the seat.

"Me too." Marcy smiled.



So I know that I haven't published a new book IN FOREVER. But I came up with this while I was riding back to my house from Washington D.C in the car. It's amazing what confined spaces can make your mind do. xD. Well, I hope you liked this first chapter, and trust me, there's more to come. So, if you guys want to comment something along with whatever else you'd like to comment, I'm gonna put a fun question at the bottom of each chapter. Today's is, Who do you ship at the moment, Marcy and Landon, or Marcy and Flora? See you all next chapter! Bye!

-Willow <3

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