Ask Springbonnie, Springtrap, Fredbear,and Golden Freddy

Ask Springbonnie, Springtrap, Fredbear, and Golden Freddy!


1. Ask Us

Springtrap: (plops down on floor) Ask us.. er whatever..

Springbonnie: (Ruffles spring traps hair-fluff on the top of his head) Come 'ere, ya lil renegade!

Springtrap: (stands up) I'm taller than you.

Fredbear: That doesn't have to do with being a renegade...

Springbonnie: Ya, sure ya are, shorty.

Springtrap: G Fred! Come here and tell this country rabbit how tall I am!

Golden Freddy: (walks over to both bunnies) Springtrap is 4'3.

Springtrap: (turns red) (crosses arms) I AM 6'5 GOLDEN FREDDY! YOU'RE 4'3!

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