Aspen Hill and her younger brother,Thomas live with their abusive mother. Aspen had never seen their mother hit Thomas until one day she snaps. In order to save herself and her brother, emotionally and physically, she chooses to run away. Maybe Aspen can save her and her brother or maybe leaving their mother just caused even more damage.


1. 1~Friday, June 2



Her hand slashes across his face. My eyes sting and tears then roll onto my cheeks. I can see the hurt in my little brothers eyes. Then he begins to cry. She has never hit him before. It hurts me to even watch her do that to him. 


"Now, be good little children and go to your room." Her words come out emotionless. I grab Thomas's hand and lead him to our room. 


Thomas sits on our worn out mattress and starts to cry even harder. I wrap my arms around him in attempt of comfort and let him cry on my shoulder. 


"Pack what you can. We're leaving." I whisper softly into Thomas's ear. 


After Thomas and I pack our very few items, we slide them into the corner of our room, making sure they aren't too noticeable.


Later that night, I lay next to Thomas and pretend to sleep. I face the wall, my back to the door in case my mom does come in. 

Thomas quietly snores, which makes me smile. All of a sudden, I finally hear the door slam shut. There's my cue. I wait a little longer before softly shaking Thomas awake. 


Thomas sits up and rubs his eyes. I make my way through the darkness and find the light switch. I then walk over to the corner that Thomas and I set our bags in and sling my backpack across my shoulder before handing Thomas his bag.  


I know exactly where my mom is, who she's with, and what time she'll be back. She's been going to the same bar for as long as I can remember. I know she's abusive because of the alcohol. Or maybe because our father left her. Because he left us.


I've been planning to run away for a few years now. Even before Thomas was born. I think I was eleven when I started saving up. That's when my dad left, then the beating began. She hit me so hard, I couldn't go to school for a week. That's when I knew, I didn't want to live with her ever again but I stayed. Waiting for my dad to come back and he did. That's why Thomas is even here, because he came back. After that he never bothered to come back again. 


I never thought I'd save up enough money for me and Thomas to live off but it actually didn't take that long. Well, unless you think five years is long. 


I knew, five years ago, when Thomas was born I had to get him to a better place. Somewhere other than here and now, I finally can.

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