Anything but Ordinary

Today starts out like any other day for Harry Potter, but that quickly changed when he finds a knob on his glasses. A knob that can slow down time. Slow enough to see the past. A knob that can speed up time. Fast enough to see the future. Today will be anything but ordinary.


1. Past, Present, and Future

Harry woke up early on that Saterday morning. So early in fact, that the birds hadn't even begun singing. He swung his feet over the side of the bed. Yawning and stretching he stood up and grabbed his glasses. As the cool metal touched his face his hand brushed a bump. His fingers retraced their steps to the bump. Being a second year, he didn't know any better and turned the knob. It sent him plunging backwards. Or so he thought.

When the world stopped spinning he was still on his feet. But he wasn't in Gryffindor Tower anymore.

He was in a room filled with slightly glowing orbs. Shouts filled the air. He saw people in masks come running towards him. He screamed and tried to jump away. This resulted in him not moving quick enough and the strange people walking right through him to another clump of people. As spells were casts and screaming was heard throughout the room, Harry instinctively reached up and turned the knob the opposite way. He again had the feeling of being plunged backwards and the world spinning.

When all motion stopped, he realized he was in a very dark place. Until he saw three people standing in front of a house. Harry squinted and realized it was Professor McGonagal, Professor Dumbledore, and Hagrid. What were they doing here? He walked closer to get an explanation, than remembered the people that couldn't see him. He watched from a few feet away as Dumbledore placed a small bundle on the doorsteps of a house.

"Goodbye, Harry," said Dumbledore

"Have a nice life," Hagrid added tearily

When they left, and Dumbledore had restored light to the street, Harry walked up to the little bundle. Inside the blankets was a baby. A baby with jet black hair and a lightning bolt scar. Harry gaped down at the tiny figure.

He couldn't believe it! Dumbledore was the one that brought him to this house of doom! How could he?

Attached to the blankets was a note. Harry picked it up with trembling fingers. The note read:

'Petunia, this is your nephew Harry. Bad things have happened lately. Your sister Lily and her husband James, were both murdered tonight. Somehow, Harry survived. No wizard has before, and because of that had become extremely famous at a young age. Lily died to save Harry, that act of love will protect everyone in your household until Harry becomes of age or doesn't call your house home anymore. I want you to treat Harry as if he is your own son. Please take care, Albus Dumbledore'

Harry dropped the letter, letting it flutter back onto the blankets. He pulled his glasses off his face. On the top of the knob was a white line. He pointed the knob towards the white line. When the world stopped spinning, he was standing in Gryffindor Tower.

Harry ran down the stairs to the common room. As he had been hoping, Hermione was curled up in an armchair; reading.

"Hermione!" He shouted.

She jumped and looked at him.

"What's wrong, Harry?" She asked him kindly.

He recounted his adventure. She gasped when he told her about Dumbledore. Hermione stood up and snatched his glasses of his face. Her fingers slowly brushed the knob.

"Harry--Harry I think you time traveled," she said breathlessly before handing him back his glasses.

"I have an idea," she said.

She took his hand.

"Now turn the knob," she instructed.

Harry did so and they both felt like they were being flung forwards. When they opened their eyes they were in the middle of a graveyard. They saw a group of masked people standing in a circle.

"C'mon Hermione. They can't see us and we can walk through them," Harry explained at Hermione's skeptical face.

They walked through the people and in the middle of the circle saw Lord Voldemort. Hermione squealed. Harry looked closer and saw a glowing cup thrown off to the side, the body of a Hufflepuff he had seen glances of in the corridors, and himself. He was standing in the middle of the circle his wand pointed at Voldemort.

Harry felt sick to his stomach. He grabbed Hermione's arm and turned to knob before they saw anything else. He accidentally turned the knob to far and they were launched back into the past.

They were standing in a small village. Children were dressed in costumes and running from house to house, parents in tow. Harry and Hermione smiled at the sight. Than they saw a hooded figure. They looked at each other and followed.

The figure walked into a house blasting the door to the side. Harry heard Hermione gasp. They ran in and saw a man who Harry instantly recognized as James, his father.

"Lilly! It's him! Take Harry and run!" James called.

James had forgotten his wand, and looked prepared to fight Voldemort. With one lazy flick of his wand, James fell into a heap on the ground. Harry felt a scream rise in his throat and tears bite his eyes. The kids followed Voldemort up the stairs. He barged through a door at the end of the hallway, revealing Lilly shielding Harry behind her petite form.

"Please not Harry!" Lilly cried

"Stand aside girl, and I'll let you live," Voldemort replied coldly

" Please not Harry! Take me instead! Not Harry! Not Har-" The rest of her plea was drowned out by her scream and a flash of green light.

Lilly Potter lay on the nursery floor. Dead. Harry couldn't fight the tears any longer. He felt so powerless knowing he couldn't do anything as tears streamed down his face. Voldemort turned on baby Harry. Baby Harry laughed clearly thinking this was a game.

"Avada Kedra!" Voldemort said raising his wand.

A jet of green light hit Harry before filling the room. A long drawn out scream erupted. When the light cleared, baby Harry sat in his crib sobbing. A fresh scar was upon his forehead, droplets of blood leaving tracks in their wake as they slivered down the side of his face. Harry took Hermione's hand and turned the knob to the white line.

Back in the present, Hermione looked at him sadly, not saying anything. Tears still rolled down Harry's cheeks and Hermione looked close to sobbing herself. They both sat on the couch holding each other, crying, until Ron came down and they went to breakfast.

That night, Harry stood leaning over his bed with a small wooden box in front of him. Hermione stood next to him. Harry gently placed a soft, bronze, cloth into the box.

Taking a deep breath, Harry pulled off his glasses and folded them up before putting them into the box.

Hermione handed him the new, transfigured, glasses, and they soon replaced Harry's old ones.

"Thanks Mione," Harry whispered tucking the box into a corner in the bottom of his trunk.

"Of course," Hermione replied quietly

--------------------------Sixteen Years Later---------------------------

"Harry!" Teddy Lupin yelled, as he bounded down the stairs on his way down from the attic, "Harry! Guess what I found!"

Harry pulled himself out of the armchair he had settled in, threw a curious glance at Ginny, and walked into the entry hall to meet Teddy.

"What's up, Ted?" Harry asked, chuckling at the boy's excitement

"I was looking through boxes in the attic for my stuff, and I found your old school trunk! Well, I was curious, so I looked through it and found this box! There was a pair of glasses in it! I was going to put it back but I saw a knob on it. I turned it, and guess what? I saw my PARENTS! They were both playing with me when I was a baby! These glasses are magical! They show people who died!" Teddy explained, finishing with a huge breath

"Wait-hold on. Do you still have the glasses?" Harry questioned, his eyes wide

"Yeah! Their right here! See!" Teddy said his hair turning a fierce shade of blue

Harry took the box from Teddy's hand with trembling hands.

He gasped when he saw the box. Gingerly, he lifted the lid. The glasses lay inside, folded and neat, just like the day he put them in the box.

"Teddy, there's a story I want to tell you. These glasses are no ordinary glasses. They can show you the past and the future. I found this out in my second year," Harry began

The two went into the living room where Harry told him about his own experiences with the glasses, and went on to tell Teddy as much as he could about Tonks and Remus Lupin.

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