The Abilities

Luke Hemmings
Michael Clifford
Calum Hood
Ashton Irwin
four boy that don't even know about each other. That all changes when one accident changes their lives forever.


1. ONE


Luke's POV


​   I walked through the halls of my school, trying to ignore all the stares I was getting. I could hear them snickering as I walked by, some even saying rude comments.

   "Hey Hemmings, where do you think you're going?" I heard someone shout, causing me to flinch.

   I slowly turn around and see Chris, the school's player, standing there glaring at me. He was surrounded by his friends and any girl that thought he was even remotely attractive.

   I open my mouth, but no sound came out.

   Chris smirked and began walking towards me. I quickly turned on my heel and took off running. Why do they always target me? I didn't do anything to them and yet they treat me like a punching bag.

   I was snapped out of my thoughts by a huge pain shooting through my back. I stared wide eyed at Chris as he pinned me to the lockers.

   "Nice try freak show, but you're not fast enough" He said before punching me in the stomach.

   I gasped in pain as the air was knocked out of me. Chris laughed and proceeded to kick me. After he finally decided to leave, my entire body was aching.

​Calum's POV

   I let out a sigh as I watched all the players throw the ball. I can't believe my dad wants me to play football for a collage. It's times like this that I wish I could return to high school rather than worry about being late to practice.

  I was snapped out of my thoughts by someone calling my name.  looked toward the voice and saw that it was my only true friend, Caitlyn.

   "Is everything alright Calum? You looked a little spaced out" She asked, sitting down beside me.

   "I'm fine, I just wish I could actually be in the game. I work just as hard as everyone else at practice, but I'm always left on the bench" I sighed, watching as our team scored a Touchdown.

   "Don't worry about it so much. Look, maybe they are saving you for the championship. After all, you are the best player here" She said, patting me on the back.

   "You're only saying that because you're trying to cheer me up."

   "That's one of the reasons, but it's also true. You are better than anyone here and I think they know it too."

    I just smiled at her and stood up. The game was over and I needed to  get home before it got dark.

​Ashton's POV

​   I sat on my couch, bored out of my mind. I don't have work today and have no idea what to do. Why doesn't anything interesting happen on my days off?

   I snapped out of it when I heard my phone begin to ring. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was my twin sister Ashley. I pressed answer and put the phone on speaker.

   "What can I do for you sis?"

   "Mom and dad told me to tell you that we are having a family reunion next week. She expects you to be there, whether you want to or not" She said.

   "Well she doesn't need to worry about a thing, I'll be there" I stated.

   "That's great to hear, I really want you to be there. Its been a while since I've seen you and I miss you."

   "How are you and that man of yours doing anyway?" I asked with distaste in my mouth.

   "We're doing great, thanks for asking. I still don't see why you hate him so much, he's a nice guy" She said, sounding a little hurt.

   "Don't worry about that right now. I'll see you at the reunion, bye" I said before hanging up

​Michael's POV

​   I stared out the window of my house, watching the storm clouds roll in. I smirked slightly as everyone outside began walking faster to try and avoid the storm.


   I let out a groan at the annoying sound of my phone ringing. I quickly answered the phone without bothering to look at the caller ID.

   "Hello" I said, not bothering to hide the annoyance in my voice.

   "Hi Mikey, there's this party tonight. I was wondering if you wanted to go" I heard Conner say through the phone.

   "What's the occasion and why should I go?" I asked, putting on a shirt.

   "Well, there's going to be alcohol and the party is for getting into collage or something like that" He replied, causing me to sigh.

   "Fine I'll come, but only because I have nothing better to do. Now, who's party is it and can you come get me?" I asked.

   "A friend of my Sister and yes I can come get you" He replied. I could hear the smile in his voice.

   "Great, see you soon" I stated before hanging up and smirking to myself.

   Finally, something interesting to do. I can't wait.

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