Young Alpha

Part One in the Young Alpha Series: SUBMISSION!

��-Young Alpha-��

Darry Knight is a 30 years old man who teach history at East High. What most people knows about him, is that he is a single middle age man. Apart from what little people knows about him, he have a secret. He is a submissive wolf. He has never been kissed none caress. He is fear of being dominated, but he wants to meet his mate. He wants his mate to come and claim him as theirs, and for that, he would do anything.

This is where Justin Wilson comes in.

Justin Wilson is a 17 years old dominant wolf who doesn't have any knowledge of him being a werewolf. Apart from being a rich frat boy, Justin is the quarterback of the football team and is the captain of the basketball team. He is popular with the ladies and no one cares that he is a playboy.

What would happen when Justin figure out that he is a werewolf and that his 30 year old history teacher who he loves to bully is his mate?

Time. Will. Tell!.

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The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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