The Marriage Law


The war is over. Everyone expects that they'll be able to continue with their lives. Live normal lives. However, that proves, of course, to not be the case.

The Wizarding Population has been greatly diminished. So greatly, in fact, that an ancient law that nobody knew still existed has gone into effect. The Marriage Law. By binding magical contract, if the Wizarding population falls under a certain amount, every witch or wizard over the age of seventeen must marry within a month, and have a child within a year.

And they don't get to choose their spouse.

*Set during the trio's eight year*


1. Chapter One

"Harry? Ron?" Hermione said, poking her head into the boy's dormitory. 

"Yeah, 'Mione?" Ron replied. 

"McGonagall has called everyone seventeen or older down into the Great Hall. Immediately." Hermione bit her lip. "And she didn't sound like it was good news." 

It was October 2. Hermione had recently turned nineteen. Harry and Ron were both eighteen. 

Because the last year at Hogwarts, during the war, had been so crappy, McGonagall had decided that everyone would be returning to Hogwarts as the same year they had been before. As a result, there were twice as many first years as there usually were. 

So the seventh years, sixth years, and a handful of seventeen-year-old fifth years made their way down to the Hall. 

"This is not going to go down well with most of you." McGonagall began. "Minister Shacklebolt has recently discovered that an ancient law has just gone into effect. In the fourteen-hundreds, a law was created through binding magical contract. It stated that if ever the Wizarding population fell under a certain number, there would be a Marriage Law, where everyone ages seventeen and older would be assigned someone within a year of their own age to be a spouse. Even though," McGonagall raised her voice over indignant and angry exclamations. "Mr. Shacklebolt is searching for a way to remove this, he has not yet found one. This means that everyone currently present will be sent an owl telling them their spouse tonight, and they must be married within a month. They are also required to bring a child into the world within a year. I am greatly sorry, but there is nothing we can do. The owls should come by eight o'clock tonight. You are free to go." 

Hermione turned to Harry and Ron. "There is no way this is really happening." she said, in complete and utter disbelief. 

"I think it is, 'Mione." Harry said sadly. "We have to get married by the end of the month, and we have no say who it's with." 

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