Q&A - With Sav-Nav

Ok Guys. Welcome to the Q&A feel free to ask me anything about myself! I'll answer them all!


1. GET TO KNOW ME...A little

“Hey all!

I’m a movellas ambassador, so sweet!

I thought I might make a Q&A. Got any questions for me, ask in the comments below.”


My cursor blinked on the screen. I had nothing else to say so I hovered my mouse above the “save and publish” box. I’d always been terrible at structuring good sentences, which makes no sense as I read a load of books, but I thought this’d do for a Q&A book. I might not be famous, I thought. But this’ll be fun to involve to Movellians! That’s when someone appeared beside me.

“Oh come on.” They spoke in a smart, uptight tone. “You seriously just used a bunch of exclamation marks in those sentences.”

I just about fell off my chair. They looked just like me but with black square-framed glasses and clothes that seemed to belong to a lawyer. “I’m sorry,” I stuttered out at the familiar figure. “But who are you?”

They crossed their arms. “I’m your logic remember?”

That explains why she was so familiar. I’d seen her a couple of times… When deciding to buy one of two books or weather to save my money to get both.  

“Oh yeah…” I said but then added in a mumble. “Here’s the party pooper.” It wasn’t only those kind of occasions that Logic had come in. She had come in when I had been invited to a party on a study weekend. She had thought I didn’t need a break and made me study for an exam I still got a C on!

“I’m sorry what did you say?” She pretended to not have heard me.

Uh…I wracked my brain for a similar sounding sentence and I ended up blurting, “That’s super-duper.”

“Yeah that’s not helping you.”

I groaned at how sarcastic I sounded. I didn’t mean it like that. “Ok fine! It’s just not my day today!”

Another figure joined the group. “Hey, what’s up there, Kiddo? You don’t seem your bubbly self.” He spoke enthusiastically.

You see, not all assets of my personality are female. Some are male as I’m not girly or boyish however I do have times when I am girlish… I hate those times.

I realized that this was my Morality. The bubbly, funny side of me. He represents my sense of right and wrong as well as my love for dad jokes and corny pickup lines.

A small sob escaped my lips. Ok not my bad… “I’m just so emotional right now!” I sniffled. I don’t know why I was acting like this. I don’t usually act like this…Perhaps it was due to Logic’s criticizing.

“Uh oh. Feelings.” Logic sighed.  

Morality looked heartbroken. “Oh dear!” he exclaimed, searching my face. “Why don’t we watch a good old Disney movie-” he started but was cut off by the appearance of another male asset.

“Did someone say Disney?!” The Prince-like asset cheered.

It appears this is my Creativity. He represents my romantic and creative side, as well as my love of all things Disney.

Another asset appeared in the shadows. “Great I’m the last.” Replied the not-so-cheerful aspect. Oh right! I know who this is. My pal anxiety….ugh.

“Creativity? Anxiety?” Morality frowned taking in the female doom maker and the miraculous male happy-sack. “What’re you doing here, Kiddos?”

“I’m here to do my job, Morality.” Anxiety shrugged with a small grin. “But Sir-sing-a-lot here came merely because you said Disney.”

“Wait!” I said throwing my arms out. “I know why I’m bouncing between emotions!”

Anxiety looked doubtful. “And why is that.”

“I just watched an episode of Sander’s sides…”

“Explains why we’re all here.” Logic stated matter-of-factly.

That’s why my sides show up now. I’m a part of that amazing fandom and well…I’m taking on its entirety. They must have names!

“Do you guys have other names?” I asked a little timidly.

“Shucks, Kiddo. Of course we do!” Morality exclaimed. “My name is Pat.”

“Short for?”

“Pat.” He answered truthfully.

“Ok…how about the rest of you?”

Anxiety answered for the other two. “We’re not telling you because we don’t have to.”

“Well that’s just annoying. I suppose we’ll find out later.” I sighed.


I know this is basically just sander’s sides, but it’s my fandom. I’m pretty much the same…I think. But I got more assets. These are just the basics.

Now don’t forget this is also a Q&A book so feel free to ask me or my assets anything you wish. All will be answered *throws a glare at Anxiety*.

See ya next chapter, hopefully there’ll be some questions to answer. Bai!

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