The Life He Didn't Live

What if James and Lily had lived? What if Harry had a twin?



2. Chapter Two

"Did you say your name is Jessa Potter?" Hermione asked. 

"Yeah." Jessa shrugged. "Well, I mean, Jessa is short for Jessamine." 

"So you're one of the Potter twins?" Hermione looked impressed.

Jessa closed her eyes, and sighed mentally. 

"Yeah, I guess I am." she said. 

"Oh, sorry, did I offend you at all?" Hermione asked. "It's just... I'm a Muggleborn, you see, so all this magic stuff is still very new to me. Meeting someone who's famous in a magical world...well, I've never met anyone famous the Muggle world, so a magic celebrity is a bit of an... interesting development to my life." 

"Yeah, I bet." Jessa looked around the compartment. 

"So... what's it like?" Hermione asked. "Living in this world, being famous, all of it. What's it like?" 

Jessa smiled. "It's amazing. There are so many things that magic can do. You don't necessarily have to be as careful when you're playing, because your mother knows all the good healing spells. People have different abilities, too... Like, Harry can speak to snakes." Jessa jumped a little and looked around the compartment. "But, don't spread that around. It's generally associated with evil wizards. But Harry's not evil, don't worry." 

"Do you have any special abilities?" Hermione asked. 

Jessa shrugged. "Yeah. I mean, if I want to, I can change my appearance. This is what I usually like to look like, but it does come in handy to hide my stupid scar." 

Jessa scrunched up her face, like she was concentrating very hard, and a lightening shaped scar appeared on her forehead. After a few seconds, it disappeared again. 

"That's amazing!" Hermione gasped. "What other things can people do?" 

"Well, there's a rare case when people don't even need their wand to use magic, but I've never met one of those." Jessa explained. "Some people can change into a certain animal, but you can use magic to make it so that you can do that. There are people who are werewolves, vampires, half-giants, half-goblins, entirely goblins, giants, centaurs. Then there are magical creatures, but there's a class in third year all about those." 

"This world is so incredible." Hermione exclaimed. "I wish I could have spent my whole life here!" 

"Well, there are some dangerous things about it." Jessa shrugged. "I mean, you must know about Voldemort if you know about me. And this kid I met on the train, Draco Malfoy... he's the son of a well-known Death Eater."

"Death Eater?" Hermione asked. 

"Have you not heard of them yet?" Jessa asked. 

"I heard them mentioned, but they haven't really been explained in any of the books I've mem- I mean, any of the books I've read." Hermione blushed. 

"You've memorized a book?" Jessa looked dumbfounded. 

"All the set course books, actually, and a couple that I read for fun." Hermione turned a darker shade of red. "But what exactly are Death Eaters?" 

"They're Voldemort's followers." Jessa explained. "They're the ones who agreed with everything that he was doing, who liked it, who helped him. Most of them are just as dangerous as Voldemort."

"Well then." Hermione looked a mixture of impressed and frightened. "This world has lots of little secrets."

Jessa grinned. For the first time in her life, she thought she may have just made a friend. 


"Jessa?" Harry poked his head into Hermione and Jessa's compartment. "We're almost at Hogwarts, it's time to get changed. 

"Yeah, thanks." Jessa glanced at her brother, before returning to the chocolate frog cards spread on the compartment floor in front of her and Hermione. "You've really never seen a moving picture before, Hermione?" 

"I grew up with Muggles, remember?" Hermione said. "Who's this?" 

"That would be James Potter." Harry stepped into the compartment. "He's famous for helping defeat Voldemort, for being a part of the Order of the Pheonix, and for his father's invention of the Sleakeasy Hair Potion." 

"Why do you know so much about him?" Hermione questioned. 

"Because he's our dad." Jessa said. 

"Why are you two on the floor?" Harry asked, looking down at the two girls. 

"Because it's easier to see all the cards when you're not trying to hold them all." Jessa returned to her cards. "What were you in here to tell us?" 

"That it's time to change." Harry said. "Who's your friend?" 

"I'm Hermione Granger." Hermione stood up and held out her hand. Harry took it. "Are you Harry Potter?" 

"Yeah..." Harry hesitently shook her hand. "Are you friends with Jessa?" 

"Now she is." Jessa stood up, too, and dusted off her skirt. "Now get out so we can change." 

Harry looked at the ground, trying to hide a grin, before nodding. "Okay. Hurry up, though, okay?" 

"Yeah yeah, we'll hurry, see you at the station, bye!" Jessa pushed Harry out of the compartment and closed the door.  "I guess we'd better get changed." 

Hermione laughed. "You and your brother have a hilarious relationship."

Jessa gave a sarcastic smile, before snapping down the shade over the window. 


This one's a little shorter than the last one, sorry about that. The next one's probably going to be a bit shorter, because I'm just going to have the boat ride, Sorting, and getting to the dorms in it. Maybe it won't be shorter, maybe it will, depends on how much detail I decide to put into it. In case I don't get back on before Christmas is over, which is unlikely but possible, Merry Christmas! If I get back before then, well, I'll tell you Merry Christmas again! Or... something else, whatever floats your boat. Anyway, I have some things to get done, so I will see you all next chapter! See ya later, pinecones!

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