Pandora Dixen was only five when she met Artemis fowl and so was he. She learned quickly how to get adults to listen.


1. Bossy five years old

 Pandora Dixen sat quietly with her father . They waited for there company. The door chimed and in walked a huge man with a five year old dressed in a suit. They slid in the boof. The boys cold eyes stared into her dangerous gray ones. " Artemis say hello". Butler demanded." Hello nice to meet you, I'm Artemis fowl". He said offering a hand. She sighed." Pandora Dixen. A pleasure to meet you." She said and shoe his hand. Pandora didn't seem fazed that Artemis was acting like she wasn't even there. She kept looking above him till finally she climbed on the table and peered over the heads."Pandora Dixen! Get down you'll fall!" Her father said ." Yes Father I'm aware of what would happen if I was clumsy. I can't see. !" She said the climb off the other end and ran to a waitress. She tapped her . The waiter handed her a coloring sheet and the girl handed back and folded her arms. The woman nodded and brought her a booster seat. Pandora dragged it over and tapped Butlers shoulder." Would you be so kind is to lift me up?" Butler chuckled and helped her in the booster seat. She thanked him then looked at her menu." Father can  I please have.... Sushi?" She asked. " Uh sure sweet pea!" He said." Don't call me sweet pea, or sweetie, or sweet heart and for the love of God do have to go on?!" She asked." No Pandora that's enough ". Her father said. Artemis watched in disbelief as this girl sounded just like him. The waiter came over. After everyone had order the two five year old placed the order." Can  I""have" sushi" what some " " chopsticks " and apple juice in a wine glass?" The finished each other's sentences. The waiter 



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