Pandora Dixen was only five when she met Artemis fowl and so was he. She learned quickly how to get adults to listen.


2. doubling the trouble

Pandora was now sixteen. She was easy temper. People said she exploded. some Idiot asked if she could come to the funereal. "No You Moron she didn't explode! She__....."The boy said pausing. at this point he tried to explain his self by moving his hands around.  Pandora would have giggled if she wasn't focus on her tantrum. "
Hers face gets red she stomps her foot and yells at people!Like Tinker bell!" Derek said. Pandora frowned." Did he just compare me a  Fairy named Tinkerbell ?" He face got hotter as she ease dropped on the conversation outside the dorm door. She turned around and balled her fist squeezing her eyes and stomping her foot on the tile several times. "Ugh! YOU WANNA BE NO GOOD EXCUSE FOR GOSSIPER!" She exclaimed her eyes still squeezed shut. Derek came out and backed away."THEIRS ONLY ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE YOU. YOUR SUCH A B-"...." Pandora Dixen !" Her father said behind her." And that is your the best!"She said knowing full well she was busted. she turn slowly to her father. "Pandoraaa!!" He warned. She gave him her best Smiled that looked like she was a toddler again. His lips turn slightly up ward. "What are you doing here?''  Pandora asked suddenly More curious than ashamed. "We Talked about going on vacation with your almost cousin." Mr.Dixen raised  an eyebrow,"I thought you were joking!" Pandora crossed her arms." We need to work on you anger and you memorization." he said then helped Pandora pack her stuff. Boi An Teacup pooddle who thought he was much bigger than he was. and he was only the size of a teacup. anyway he would bark at strangers then hid behind the person you though he was trying to protect. It was quite funny sometimes. He even barked at rain.  Pandora scooped him up and put him in her kennel/purse. he poked his head out. Once there were ready Pandora and her father pick up the triplets only eight years old and met the family. They were all crammed in the limo. 


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